7th Pay Commission Ready Reckoner

7th Pay Commission Ready Reckoner

Pay Band 1 5200 – 20200
Grade Pay 1800
Grade Pay 1900
Grade Pay 2000
Grade Pay 2400
Grade Pay 2800
7th Pay Commission OPTION FORM – Ready Reckoner For All Grade pay – Click here
Pensioners Ready Reckoner
7th CPC Notional Pension Ready Reckoner – Retired from 1.1.2006 to 31.12.2015
7th CPC Concordance Tables for 4th CPC, 5th CPC & 6th CPC
State Government Ready Reckoner
Jammu and Kashmir 7th CPC Ready Reckoner
Karnataka 6th CPC Ready Reckoner


  1. My basic pay is Rs. 9260 as on 1st January 2016( pb 7360 + gp 1900). What is my basic pay at 7cpc on January 2016?


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