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Curfew Pass Form for Railway Employees new

Post Office Application Forms

  1. Application form for Opening of Account/Purchase of Certificate (AOF)
  2. Pay-in Slip (SB-103)
  3. Application form for Closure of Account on Maturity. (SB-7A)
  4. Application form for Premature Closure of Account. (SB-7B)
  5. Application form for Loan/withdrawal from RD/PPF and SSA Accounts (SB-7C)
  6. Application form for extension of RD/TD/PPF/SCSS Accounts.

7th Pay Commission Forms
7th CPC Option Form PDF

Pensioners Forms
Registration form for Identity and Pension Card
Pensioners Life Certificate
Re-Marriage/Marriage Certificate
Form 25 - Revised Format

GPF Advance Form
GPF Withdrawal Form
GPF Nomination Form
Form for Conversion OF GPF Advance into a Final Withdrawal
GPF Final Payment

Application Form for CGHS Card for Employees
Application Form for CGHS Card for PENSIONERS

PRAN - Permanent Retirement Account Number
1.Application for Allotment of Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) (Annexure S1)
2.Request for Activation of Tier-II account under New Pension System (NPS) (Annexure UOS-S10 )
3.Withdrawal form for Tier II account under NPS (AnnexureUOS-S12)
4.Covering Letter with Subscriber Registration Application Form - PAO (Annexure S6)
5.Covering letter for Subscriber Registration Application Form -DDO (Annexure S5)

Commutation of Pension Forms

Forms Form used for Download Link
Form 1 Form of Application for Commutation of a percentage of Pension without Medical Examination Click here
Form 1A Form of application for Commutation of a percentage of superannuation pension without medical examination when applicant desires that the payment of the commuted value of pension should be authorized through the pension payment order Click here
Form 2 Form of application for commutation of pension after medical examination by an applicant referred to in rule 18 of the central civil services (commutation of pension) rules, 1981 Click here
Form 3 Form of Letter of the Chief Administrative Medical Authority  – Medical Examination – Commutation of Pension Click here
Form 4 Form for Medication Examination Click here
Form 5 Commutation of Pension – Nomination Form Click here
Performa Restoration of commuted portion of pensions after 15 years Click here


  1. Please enlighten the subject:-
    If an Senior Resident doctor has been appointed on 01.10.2020 (on contract basis for three years). As per rules the Earned leave should be credited as 2.5 for every completed month i.e. 3 months X 2.5=7.5 (rounded off to 8 Earned leaves). After completion of three years contract period his services are terminated and he has been credited the Earned Leave as:-
    01.10.2020 to 31.12.2020 = 8 Earned Leaves
    01.01.2021 to 30.06.2021 = 15 Earned Leaves
    01.07.2021 to 31.12.2021 = 15 Earned Leaves
    01.01.2022 to 30.06.2022 = 15 Earned Leaves
    01.07.2022 to 31.12.2022 = 15 Earned Leaves
    01.01.2023 to 30.06.2023 = 15 Earned Leaves
    01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023 = total completed months 3 X 2.5 = 7.5 (rounded off to 8)
    As such his total Earned Leave becomes 91 days (however he has rendered 3 years service only and normally 90 days Earned leave can be earned during the 3 years of service). Please cast some light on this issue with rule position. Thanking you in anticipation.

  2. I declined the seniority promotion in February 2020. My junior was promoted in 2020. Now when I want to take promotion in 2021, my department refuses to promote because my name is not included in the DPC. As my department stated that the 2021 DPC was constituted in December 2020 and my name was not considered as per the promotion refusal rule not to give promotion one year or new vacancies are arise whichever is later and in December 2020 I was not eligible. My question is that whether once name considered in DPC, subsequently deleted from list ? (ii) I rejected promotion on Feb. 2020 and vacancy arise in April 2021 whether am I entitle to get promotion ? (as One year and vacancy arise both criteria fulfilled )

  3. plzz sir iss calculator me month june ki shell shi nhi h us par amount enter krne par down shell me automatic fill nhi hota h so plzz sir june shell ka excel formula shi kar dijiye

  4. my MACP is due from 1/7/2017 from grade of 6600/- to grade of 7600/-.
    the authority is giving positive reply that we will give MACP but it delayed since last 4 years. the admin department is saying that out of five one APAR is good and four are very good. the authority has not informed about my APAR record in past in written or verbally.
    Can you guide me that i am eligible for MACP in case of one is good and not informed me in till now about it? what type of procedure i should do to get MACP?

  5. I worked with BSF ( Paramilatery Force ) from Jan 2004 to June 2008. After that I resigned from my service. During my tenure there was a deduction of NPS, I got my PRAN No, but didnt get my KIT.
    Currently I am working in Private Sector.
    As per NPS form I have to verified Subscriber Form from my Last organization, which i have been quit 09 years back.

    Kindly suggest the procedure to activate the account.

  6. Orders dt 12-5-2017 regarding notional pay fixation? on the basis of P P O is nothing but a fraud with pre-1996 pensioners and make redundant recommendations of 7th pay commission that notional pay fixation be made on the basis of number of years services rendered by a pensioners in the grade which was in consonance of numerous ruling of the Supreme court of India that old pensioners should not be paid less than new pensioners with same years of service rendered in that grade.Despite numerous ruling of the Supreme court that pension is not bounty paid to pensioners but is a right for services rendered by him in the past, but to save money, govt has made this fraud on the pretext of non-profit availability of previous records, whereas, authonticated records can be made available in more than 90 percent cases.

  7. I retired on 31.3.2014 in the scale of 9300.34800 grade pay Rs4800 as Supdt of Post offices in Dept of Post and last pay drawn is Rs27900 .Now the grade pay of this post is Upgraded to Rs5400 .My date of Birth is 1.4.1954. Please let me know how much pension I may after upgraddation .

  8. I am instructor (ex cadre post) in training center but my cadre post is LOCO PILOT in railway .For loco inspector,eligibility criteria is loco pilot,
    Am I eligible for loco inspector post. give reply with rule?


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