Promotion Pay Fixation Calculator FR 22(1)a(1)

Promotion Pay Fixation Calculator FR 22(1)a(1)

Promotion Pay Fixation Calculator created based on latest DOPT Order Option for fixation of pay on promotion

Promotion Pay Fixation Calculator under FR 22 (1)a(1)
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Pay Fixation Option under FR 22(1)a(1)

Disclaimer: This Calculator is only for referennce, we do not guarantee for 100% accuracy in the result.

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  1. 1. I was in the post of Library & Information Asst. (LIA) in the scale of Rs.5500-9000/- and got my 1st ACP in the year 2001 to the scale of Rs.6500-10500/- [post of Asst. Library & Information Officer(ALIO)] with financial benefit.
    2. After 7th CPC the scale was placed in Level -7 with GP 4600/-.
    3. I received my 2nd MACP 04.05.2009 (my basic pay was Rs. 16470/- on 03.05.2009) by upgradation to Level 8 with GP 4800/-.
    4. I was promoted to ALIO from LIA on 11.03.2014 in Level 7, GP-4600/-. I didn’t get any financial benefit as I was enjoying the pay at Level 8 due to 2nd MACP.
    5. My 3rd MACP was on 04.05.2019 in Level-9 with GP- 5400/-
    6. I was promoted to Library & Information Officer (LIO) in Level 10, GP-5400/- on 25.10.2019.
    7. My DOI is 1st July.
    My question is:
    i) What will be my pay after promotion on 25.10.2019?

  2. I was promoted on 5th march 2019 in leval 4
    My basic pay was bafore promotion is 24500.what is my basic pay after 1st july2019 as DNI and what will be my next increment date?


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