Commutation of Pension Calculator

Commutation of Pension Calculator

Commutation of pension calculator

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  1. Please solution: my pension
    My last basic pay =₹36000/-
    Next year age-61
    Commuted 40%
    aur meri per month pension kya hogi please solve my query thanks to you
    My name is. Rajesh Kumar

  2. Respected All, With due respect to the chair this is my humble prayer to you that after complete 15years service my family suffer from lack of payments from system
    So, I already submitted my docoments received through proper channel. But afterwards no solve my problems through proper channel also verbal prayer through proper channel also not sanction my leaves after my prayers also already earned leave through proper duty with less absent.
    So, I already follow all Govt order proper way, but afterwards my salary not updated after working.
    So,Kindly look my best way for your cooperation with me for my suffering family purpose expenditure just like proper food purpose expenditure, proper education, proper investment for future generations also have needed family help, social work.
    With Regards
    Joyatpal Mukherjee.

  3. So far not admitted additional increment for June retired central govt.staff even though in principle accepted by govt. as 7th pay commission .. Act as early as possible retired from CDA secunderabad june 2012,dpdo11225,secunderabad


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