DA from Jan 2023 Calculator

DA from Jan 2023 Calculator for Central Government Employees | DA Calculator January 2023 | DA Calculator Jan 2023.

The DA will be calculated on the basis of the All India Consumer Price Index

The DA for Central Government Employees was earlier calculated based on the consumer price index with the base year 2001. The Central Government replaced it with a new consumer price index with the base year 2016 to calculate the DA from September 2020.

DA from January 2023 Online Calculator

DA from Jan 2023

DA Calculator

DA Calculator from January 2023

DA Calculator from January 2023
MonthCPI(IW)BY2001=100DA% Monthly Increase
Jan 201930713.40
Feb 201930714.03
Mar 201930914.73
Apr 201931215.50
May 201931416.30
Jun 201931617.09
Jul 201931917.67
Aug 201932018.27
Sep 201932218.94
Oct 201932519.68
Nov 201932820.50
Dec 201933021.43
Jan 202033022.16
Feb 202032822.83
Mar 202032623.37
Apr 202032923.92
May 202033024.43
Jun 202033224.94
Jul 202033625.48
Aug 202033826.05
Sep 2020118.126.63
Oct 2020119.527.24
Nov 2020119.927.79
Dec 2020118.828.18
Jan 2021118.228.51
Feb 202111928.98
Mar 2021119.629.57
Apr 2021120.130.11
May 2021120.630.66
Jun 2021121.731.25
July 2021122.831.81
Aug 202112332.33
Sep 2021123.332.81
Oct 2021124.933.30
Nov 2021125.733.84
Dec 2021125.434.44
Jan 2022125.135.08
Feb 202212535.63
Mar 202212636.21
Apr 2022127.736.91
May 202212937.68
Jun 2022129.238.37
July 2022129.939.02
Aug 2022130.239.68
Sep 2022131.340.42
Oct 2022132.541.12
Nov 2022132.541.74
Dec 2022132.342.37

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Important DA FAQs

What is the expected Dearness allowance from Jan 2023?

This is too early to predict, we have to wait another 4 months

What is the current Dearness Allowance for Central Government Employees?

The Current DA percentage is 38% for Central Government Employees

Whether the government revised the 7th CPC Fitment Factor?

There are no changes in the 7th CPC Fitment Factor, As of now, employees are getting salary under the fitment factor based on 2.57 percent

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  1. Finally the AICPI figure for December, 22 has arrived. DA w.e.f. 1.1.2023 is 42% for CG Employees and DR for CG Retiree pensioners.

    As per the latest labour bureau inflation indications, the coming DA w.e.f. 1.7.2023 is expected not below 4% more i.e., 46%, if the inflation continues like this.

  2. In view of contiune increasing prices index of all commodities,the DA/DR should be increased at least 5% from January 2023 .


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