DOPT Order on Stepping up of Pay

DOPT Order on Stepping up of Pay

Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) released the Consolidated guidelines on Stepping up of pay on 26th October, 2018 vide Office Memorandum No.4/3/2017-Estt (Pay-I), this OM is effective from 01.01.2016

In the said above order, it has pointed out that, the orders shall be in supersession of D/o Expenditure’s OM No.F.2(78)-E.III(A)63 dated 2nd February, 1966 and DOP&T’s OM No.4/7/92-Estt(Pay-I) dated 4th November, 1993.

DOPT Order on  Stepping up of pay – Consolidated guidelines

(i) In order to remove the anomaly of a Government servant promoted or appointed to a higher post on or after 1-1-2016 drawing lower pay in that post than another Government servant junior to him in the lower grade and promoted or appointed subsequently to another identical post, the pay of the senior Government servant in the higher post should be stepped up to a figure equal to the pay as fixed for the junior Government servant in that higher post. The stepping up should be done with effect from the date of promotion or appointment of the junior Government servant and will be subject to the following conditions, namely:

(a) both the junior and the senior Government servants should belong to the same cadre and the posts in which they have been promoted are identical in the same cadre;

(b) the Level in the Pay Matrix of the lower and higher posts in which they are entitled to draw pay should be identical;

(c) the anomaly is directly as a result of the application of the provisions of Fundamental Rule 22(I)(a)(1) read with Rule 13 of CCS(RP)Rules, 2016. For example, if the junior officer was drawing more pay in the existing pay structure than the senior by virtue of any advance increments granted to him, the provisions of this subrule should not be invoked to step up the pay of the senior officer.

(ii) The order relating to re-fixation of the pay of the senior officer in accordance with clause (i) shall be issued under Fundamental Rule 27 and the senior officer shall be entitled to the next increment on completion of his required qualifying service with effect from the date of re-fixation of pay.

The following instances/events wherein juniors draw more pay than seniors, do not constitute anomaly and, therefore, stepping up of pay will not be admissible in such events:

(a) Where a senior proceeds on Extra Ordinary Leave which results in postponement of his Date of Next Increment in the lower post and consequently he starts drawing less pay than his junior in the lower grade itself. He, therefore, cannot claim pay parity on promotion even though he may be promoted earlier to the higher grade than his junior(s);

(b) If a senior forgoes/refuses promotion leading to his junior being promoted/appointed to the higher post earlier and the junior draws higher pay than the senior.

(c) If the senior is on deputation while junior avails of the ad-hoc promotion in the cadre, the increased pay drawn by the junior due to ad-hoc/officiating and/or regular promotion following such adhoc promotion in the higher posts vis-à-vis senior, is not an anomaly in strict sense of the term;

(d) If a senior joins the higher post later than the junior, for whatsoever reasons, whereby he starts drawing less pay than the junior. In such cases, senior cannot claim stepping up of pay at par with that of his junior.

(e) If a senior is appointed later than the junior in the lower post itself whereby he is in receipt of lesser pay than the junior, in such cases also the senior cannot claim pay parity in the higher post if he draws less pay than his junior though he may have been promoted earlier to the higher post.

(f) Where an employee is promoted from lower post to a higher post, his pay is fixed with reference to the pay drawn by him in the lower post under FR22 (I)(a)(1) read with Rule 13 of CCS(RP)Rules, 2016 and due to his longer length of service in the lower grade, his pay may get fixed at a higher stage than that of a senior direct recruit appointed to the same higher grade and whose pay is fixed under different set of rules. For example a Senior Secretariat Assistant (SSA) on promotion to the post of Assistant Section Officer (ASO) gets his pay fixed under FR 22(I)(a)(1) with reference to the pay drawn in the post of SSA, whereas the pay of ASO(DR) is fixed under Rule 8 of CCS(RP)Rules, 2016 at the minimum pay or the first Cell in the Level, applicable to ASO to which he is appointed. In such a case, the senior ASO (DR) cannot claim pay parity with that of the promotee junior ASO.

(g) Where a senior is appointed in higher post on ad-hoc basis and is drawing less pay than his junior who is appointed in the same cadre and in same post on ad-hoc basis subsequently, the senior cannot claim pay parity with reference to the pay of that junior since the ad-hoc officiating service in higher post is reversible and also since full benefits of FR22(I)(a)(I) are not available on ad-hoc promotion but only on regular promotion following such ad-hoc promotion without break.

(h) Where a junior gets more pay due to additional increments earned on acquiring higher qualifications.

Note: The above instances/events are only illustrative and not exhaustive.

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Latest DOPT ORDERS on Stepping up of pay –  7th Pay Commission

  • DOPT O.M No. F.No.6/3/2021-CS-I(S)  dated 03rd March, 2022: Reminder 3: ll the Ministries/Departments concerned were requested to furnish the information as per the attached format immediately clearly indicating the number and names of all the officers who have been granted stepping up of pay and whose case has been reviewed or qualify for review as per OM dated 20.05.2014. Information has not been received from most of the Ministries/Departments yet. Since the status of the matter has to be apprised to the Standing Audit Committee urgently, it is also proposed to hold a meeting with the concerned Ministries/Departments shortly in this regard.  Click here to download the O.M
  • DOPT O.M No. F.No.6/3/2021-CS-I(S) dated 30th December, 2021:  It was also instructed that if any officer, whose pay has been restored in accordance with these instructions, superannuates or retires voluntarily, his/her case may be dealt with as per the provisions of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 relating to provisional pension, payment of gratuity etc.    Click here to download the O.M
  • DOPT O.M No.18/2/2014-CS-I (S) dated 1st June 2020 : DOPT Clarified that the pay of the petitioners and non-petitioners, who submit the affidavit of undertaking in the prescribed format, may be restored notionally from the date with effect from which the stepping up of pay was granted earlier and regularly from the date of submission of the affidavit of undertaking as directed by Hon’ble High Court of Delhi subject to the outcome of the Writ Petitions or orders of any competent court in related matters.

If an officer, whose pay has been restored in accordance with the above instructions, superannuates or retires voluntarily, his/ her case may be dealt as per the provisions of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 relating to provisional pension, payment of gratuity etc – Click here to download the O.M

  • DOPT O.M F. No 9/4/2019-CS-I(S), dated 18th October, 2019 –  After the DOPT O.M released on 1st July 2019, DOPT Released with additional points – Click here to download the O.M
  • DOPT O.M F.No.18/2/2014-CS-I(S), dated 1st July, 2019 – Stepping up of pay of senior Assistants of CSS drawing less pay on promotion in the Section Officers’ Grade than their juniors — OM No.18/2/2007-CS-I dated 20.05.2014 — Writ Petitions filed in the matter  –  Click here to download the Office Memorandum

Other Important Orders on Stepping up of Pay

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F.No.6/3/2021-CS-I(S), dated 30th Decenber 2021 Audit Para No.13 of Transaction Audit of DOPT for the year 2014-15 in the matter of stepping up of pay Download Here
1(14)-E-III/89, dated 16th June 1989 CCS(RP) Rules, 1986 – Stepping up of pay of Seniors under Note 7 of Rule 7 – Clarifications regarding Download Here
67/II/1/73-Imp dated 6th May 1975 CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 1973 – Stepping up of pay and advancing of date of next increment in respect of senior Government servants Download here

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  1. As per the DOPT order dated 6th may 1975 the increment of the senior givery servant can be advanced to date of increment of the Junior if all other conditions for stepping up of pay are fulfilled. But, many of the departments are not doing due to the fact that as per the latest order for stepping up, stepping can bs done from the date of promotion or appointment of the Junior. Is there any order in this regard.

  2. Sir, my junior got promotion on september,2022, whereas I got same on January,2022 prior to my junior but due to option she had received one increment from january 2024,but my office refused to step up my pay as I am retiring on Feb, 2024. My junior was junior to me in every cadre i.e in promotion,MACP, etc.and also passed Departmental exam after me

  3. Sir I am a central govt employee. my junior working with me of same cadre and in same matix/level is getting high pay than me. Can my pay is step up and levelled to it’s present pay.

  4. Sir
    Myself got timely promotion in 1998.
    My junior got same promotion after me but next promotion he got in Oct 2005 before me and I got the same in Jun 2006 after him.
    Next two promotion I got in Jun 2012 and Jul 2018. Junior got only one promotion in Jul 2018.

    As on date he is drawing more pay even he couldn’t achieved next promotion. He is from same Cadre and same branch.
    Is their any provision for stepping up.

    Request advise

    Is their any

    • Provide exact details of pay in chronological order since when you were receiving higher/equal pay than to your junior, till date.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Senior got MACP on 01 Sep 15 and junior got his MACP on 01 Mar 16. The junior opted for DNI and got his increment cycle changed from Jul to Jan and superseded senior pay on 01 Jan 17(Senior increment falls on Jul). Now my doubt is, on stepping up of Senior’s pay with Junior on 01 Jan 17, whether Senior’s increment cycle will also be shifted to Jan or Senior’s basic will be made at par with the junior on 01 Jan 17 and will retain his increment in Jul cycle.

    Does stepping up overrides annual increment.

    If any policy exists on this matter please guide..

    Thanking you

    • The same problem also facing by me i represented to department but they sent files to delhi services deptt and again to delhi finance deptt and central finance but nothing happen i can not to go court as deptt neither denying nor pursuing for stepping up…..DOPT not issued any clear orders in this regard……but some state and railway and defence ordered stepping up of senior employees …….pl guide anyone

      • Dear Sir, more than ten months have passed. Whether there is any progress in your case or the matter is still on the same position?

  6. Can a official withdraw stepping up of pay or Antedate of increment along with financial benefits taken earlier from his 1st junior to claim stepping up of pay from his 2nd junior. If yes please provide authority.

  7. I have been given benefit of stepup salary and my junior basic and my basic was made same, can they recover the benefit once given

  8. Sir,
    I got my pay stepped up t0 my junior on 1/7/2016. My junior retired on 31/12/2016. Whether I am eligible for increment on 1/1/2017 . My department is not changing increment date from 1/7/2017 to 1/1/2017 as my junior retired before earning increment. Whereas many of my colloeaguesngot increment on 1/1/2017 comparing their pay with other junior who retired after 1/1/2017. Please enlighten me with authority to take up with my department . Please post reply to my email

    • You should get next increment on 01.01.2017 as per consolidated instructions issued by DOPT in September 2022.

  9. Sir I got MACP ON 08-07-2020 Pay fixation was done from the same date. But my Jr got MACP on 02-05-2021he opted date of next increment.after six months he got an increment from January 2022, his basic pay is 40400/- but my basic pay is 39200/- I will get next increment from July 2022. can I get stepping up my Jr

  10. Sir,
    My friend and I passed the same exam conducted by SSC in which I got the first rank and my friend got the second rank. As my friend living in Delhi, he joined the department in November 2014 as his formalities related to medical and police verification were completed before me. Since I lived outside Delhi, the formalities took time and I joined the department in January 2015. Due to this, my friend is getting more salary than me because after completion of 6 months of service he got an annual salary in July 2015, whereas I got the same in July 2016.

    Sir, is there any rule to get equal pay in respect of my junior.

  11. If an official has taken antedation of increment from his junior by one month (increment advanced from March to February) . After qualifying departmental exam, cadre changed. Can he get stepping up of pay with another junior in the same cadre.

  12. Sir,
    I am serving Defence Accounts Department. I have taken antedation of increment with my junior in group C cadre where my month of increment was advanced from march to february wef 01-01-1996. Further I cleared departmental exam and promoted to AAO post in a separate cadre wef 08/2001 where my pay has been fixed to minimum of scale. At present I am Sr. Accounts Officer Level-10 (Group A Officer) wef 01/04/2015.
    Now in the present cadre I am seeking stepping up of pay with my another junior (Sr. Accounts Officer) who was promoted to SAO wef 01/04/2016. consequent on implementation of 7th CPC his pay becomes more than me by one increment. My junior SAO has also been fiexed to minimum of scale as I was fixed in the grade of SO(A) wef 08/2001 in the same cadre.

    My query is that, if i have taken antedation of increment for only one month without financial effect and the junior from whom i have taken antedation have not promoted to SO(A) till date and have not entered in my present cadre. So, can I get stepping up of pay with my junior SAO as mentioned above.

  13. SIR,


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