CSD – Post GST AFD Dealer Contact Details [All Location]

CSD - Post GST AFD Dealer Contact


  1. The present process of purchasing the vehicles two wheeler / four wheeler or any AFD articl online is very complex. C S DS in Lucknow don’t help at all to veterans. I have been trying to book one two wheeler and one four wheeler through CSD by I could not book it. Finally I purchased from open market thereby I could not get the benefit of CSD and paid extra around Rs. 15000-.
    Therefore, I request to all the concerned authorities in the matter to get this process easier accessible to each and every one who desires to purchase any AFD articles from the CSD.
    Thanking you all.
    With regards

    G S Shukla
    ex Air Force settled in Lucknow.
    Mob. No. 9450905016.


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