DOPT Orders 2018

DOPT Orders 2018

F. No. 26/01/2018-CS.I (PR/CMS) date:d 31st December, 2018
Submission of Immovable Property Return (IPR) for the year 2018 (as on 31.12.2018) by the Officers of Central Secretariat Services (CSS) reg
No.16/1/2016-JCA 2
date:d 31st December, 2018
Early Closure of Offices in Connection with Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony during January, 2019 – regarding
No. 21/1/2016-CS.I (PR/CMS) date:d 31st December, 2018Furnishing of OBC data of recruitment to Commission for Sub-Categorization of OBC regarding
No. 39011/08/2016-Estt(B) dated 28th Dec 2018Departmental proceedings against Government Servants — Procedure for consultation with the Union Public Service Commission
F.No.11013/2/2018-Estt.A-III dated 17th Dec 2018Rule 18 of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964- regarding standard forms for intimation/ permission under the rules and expenditure incurred on repairs or minor construction work in respect of immovable property – regarding
F.No.12/3/2016-JCA-2 dated 12th Dec 2018Bye-elections to the State Legislative Assemblies in Gujarat and Jharkhand – Grant of paid holiday
G.S.R. 1209(E) dated 11th Dec 20187th CPC Gazette Notification : Amendment in CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 [G.S.R. 1209(E)]
F.No.12/2/2018-JCA-2 dated 11th Dec 2018Restricted Holiday List 2019 : Occasion of Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh in place of Lohri to be observed on 13/01/2019 regarding
File No: F.8/292/2018-R(C&P)Lateral Recruitment to Senior Positions in Government of India
No. 31011/2/2018-Estt (A.IV) dated 10th December 2018Procedure for booking of air-tickets on LTC – compliance of instructions regarding
AB-14017/19/2018-Estt.(RR)(3141620) dated 3rd Dec 2018Launching /Introduction of UPSC module in RRFAMS portal
F No.22-10/2018-CS 1(APAR) dated 29th November, 2018Recording of annual performance Appraisal Report (APAR) for the financial year 2017-18 in respect of CSS/CSSS officers – ‘Alert’ regarding
No.4/2/2018-CS.II (A) Dated 22nd November, 2018Promotion of Personal Assistants (PAs) of CSSS to Private Secretaries (PSs) of CSSS on ad-hoc basis
G.S.R.370 dated 19th November, 2018Fixation of Pay on Promotion – Amendment in FR 22(I)(a)(1)
F.No.22011/3/2013-Estt.(D) Dated 15th November, 2018Promotion of Government servants found fit by review DPC after retirement -procedure and guidelines to be followed
F. No. 12/2/2018-JCA-2 dated 12th Nov 2018Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2019- Corrigendum
No.A-27018/01/2017-Estt (AL) dated 10th Nov 2018Implementation of Govt. Decision on 7th CPC recommendations on Risk Allowance – reg
No.1/1/2018-19-CCSCSB dated 12th November, 2018

Athletic Competition for wards of Central Government Employees
No C-45018/1/2017-Vig. dated 12th November, 2018
All India Protest Day for 26th November, 2018 – Instructions under CCS (Conduct Rules), 1964 – Regarding
No. 13024/01/2016 – Trg. Ref. dated 12th November, 2018
Implementation of Governments decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission – Revision of rate of Training Allowance
No. 17/1/2018-Dir (C)
dated 12th November, 2018
Training of Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens employees on Food Safety & Standards norms by Food Safety & Standards Authority of India
No.A-27018/01/2017-Estt(AL) dated 29th October, 2018Implementation of Govt. Decision on 7th CPC recommendations on Risk Allowance- reg
F.No.12/3/2016-JCA-2 dated 2nd November, 2018
Bye-elections to the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly in Karnataka — Grant of paid holiday — regarding
F.No.12/3/2016-JCA-2 dated 1st November, 2018General Election to the Legislative Assemblies of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana, 2018 – Grant of Paid holiday on the day of poll – regarding
No.4/3/2017-Estt (Pay-I) dated 26th October, 2018Stepping up of pay-Consolidated guidelines-reg
F.No.2/15/2017-Estt.(Pay-II) dated 18th October, 2018Transfer on deputation/foreign service of Central Government Employees to ex-cadre posts under the State Governments/ Union Territories or to any entity controlled by and located in the States / UTs – relaxation of para 8.5 of O.M. dated 17.6.2010
No. 49014/2/2014-Estt.(C)-Pt.1 dated 11th October, 2018Clarification on modalities of transfer of the NPS contribution to casual labourer with temporary status to their GPF accounts
No. 31011/8/2017 – Estt.A-IV dated October 18, 2018Travel entitlements of Government employees for the purpose of LTC post Seventh Central Pay Commission – clarification
F. No. 11013/4/2018-Estt.A-III, Dated 11th October, 2018Official dealings between the Administration and Members of Parliament and State legislatures – Observance of proper procedure
No. 31011/10/2017-Estt.A-IV Dated 11th October, 2018
Admissibility of SPORTS (Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) tour package to Lakshadweep Islands on ships operated by Lakshadweep Administration on LTC
F.No.104/76/2011-AVD-I dated 8th October, 2018Guidelines regarding handling of complaints in Ministries / Departments
F.No.42011/3/2014-Estt.(Res) dated 08th October, 2018Exemption from the routine exercise of transfer / rotational transfer
F. No.9/7/2013-CS.I(A) dated 8th October, 2018 Grant of entry pay to ASOs of CSS promoted on or after 01.01.2006
No. 59/02/2018-19 - CCSCSB dated 5th Oct 2018
All India Civil Services Swimming Tournament 2018-19 to be held on 27th November, 2018 to 29th November, 2018 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat
No. 35034/1/2017-Estt.D dated 20th September 2018
Availability of option for fixation of pay on MACPS from the date of next increment (DNI) in the lower post and method of fixation of pay from DNI, if opted for, in context of CCS(RP) Rules, 2016, regarding
No.31011/3/2018-Estt.(A-IV) dated 20th September 2018Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 — Relaxation to travel by air to visit North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar – extension beyond 25.09.2018
F. No. 13024/01/2016-Trg. Ref. dated 18th September, 2018Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission -Revision of rate of Training Allowance
No. 45018/1/2017-Vig dated 18th September, 2018All India Protest Day for 19th September, 2018 – Instructions under CCS (Conduct Rules), 1964 – Regarding
D.O No. D-31013/01/2018-Ad-II dated 13th September, 2018Observance of Swachhta Hi Sewa Pakhwada in All Ministries / Departments
No. 2/2/2018-CS.II(A)
dated 30th August, 2018
Completion of formalities in the matter of promotion of CSSS grades – reg
No. 125/1/2015-16 / CCSCSB dated 30th August, 2018Scheme of Promotion of Adventure Sports & Similar Activities amongst Central Government Employees -Programmes to be organized by Youth Hostel Association of India
No. 13/02/2017 - Estt.(Pay-I) dated 28th August, 2018Availability of option for fixation of pay on promotion from the Date of Next Increment (DNI) in the lower post and method of fixation of pay from DNI, if opted for, in context of CCS (RP) Rules, 2016 – clarification – regarding.
No.28020/2/2018-Estt.(C) dated 27th August, 2018Master Circular on Technical resignation and lien in Central Services-reg
F.No. 12/4/2018-JCA2
dated 20th August, 2018
Change of date of holiday on account of Id-u-Zuha (Bakrid) during 2018 for all Central Government administrative offices located at Delhi / New Delhi
No .12/3/2016-JCA2 dated 15th August, 2018Bye election to fill clear vacancies in the State Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya - 2018 - Grant of paid holiday - regarding
F. No. 12/2/2007-JCA2 dated 16th August, 2018Half day holiday on 17th August, 2018 – Demise of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Former Prime Minister of India
F.No. 12/4/2018 – JCA2 dated 14th August, 2018Change of date of holiday on account of Id-u-Zuha (Bakrid) during 2018 for all Central Government administrative offices located at Delhi / New Delhi
F. No. 12/10/2016-JCA2 dated 14th August, 2018Closure of Office/Buildings surroundings R.P. Bhawan in connection with AT HOME FUNCTION on the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations 2018. – regarding
F.No. 7/10/2016-CS.1(A)(pt.) dated 03rd August, 2018Deputation / Foreign Service of officers of CSS
No. 6/2/2018- Dir (C)
dated 2nd August, 2018
Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens functioning in Central Government Offices procuring License under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and Rules & Regulations framed thereunder
F.No.22/10/2018-CS-I (APAR) dated 30th July, 2018Online generation and recording of Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) on SPARROW (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window) for CSS & CSSS Group ‘A’ officers —Instructions for submission of self appraisal APAR by the Officer to be Reported Upon (ORU) for the financial year 2017-18 – reg
F.No. AB-14017/13/2016-Estt.(RR) (Part-I) dated 25th July 2018Seventh Central Pay Commission’s recommendations – revision of pay scales-amendment of Service Rules/Recruitment Rules
F.No.22/10/2018-CS-I (APAR) dated 24th July, 2018Online generation and recording of Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) on SPARROW (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window) for CSS & CSSS Group ‘A’ officers — Extension of timelines for completion of APAR for the financial year 2017-18
No. 2/11/2016-Estt.(Pay-II) dated 20th July, 2018Provision regarding mandatory cooling off period between two deputations for appointment in the personal staff of Union Ministers – Reg
F.N0.31011 /S/2018- Estt. A- IV dated 17th July, 2018
Proposal to include Central Asian Countries with the ambit of LTC facility for Government employees
F.No.7/19/2017-CS.I(A) dated 17th July, 2018Allocation of ASOs to Ministries / Departments on the basis of CGLE 2016 and adjustment of ASOs against Section Officer (SO) vacancies – for information
No.A-27012/02/2017-Estt.(AL) dated 17th July 2018Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Implementation of decisions relating to the grant of Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy – Consolidated instructions
No 18017/1/2014-Estt(L) dated 17th July 2018Leave to a Government servant who is unlikely to be fit to return to duty
F.No.11/2/2016-JCA (Pt) dated 13th July 2018Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee -regarding
F.No. 12/2/2018- JCA-2
Dated 11th July, 2018
Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the 2019
No. 13018 / 6 / 2013-Estt.(L) dated 22nd June 2018Child Care Leave – reg
No.A - 27016 / 03 / 2017 - Estt.(AL) dated 19th June, 2018Implementation of the recommendation of 7th CPC on Over Time Allowance
No. 5/1/2018 -CS.II(C) dated 14th June, 2018Completion of formalities in the matter of promotion of CSSS grades
F.No.36012/11/2016- Estt.(Res-I) {Pt-II} dated 15th June 2018Implementation of Interim Orders / Directions in Special Leave to Appeal(c) No. 30621/2011 arising out of final judgment and order dated 15.07.2011 in CWP No. 13218/2009 passed by Honble High Court Of Punjab & Haryana and Special Leave to Appeal (C) No. 312
No. 6/1/2017 - Estt (Pay-I) dated 11th June, 2018Grant of special increment in the form of personal pay to Central Government Servants for participation in sporting events and tournaments of National or International importance, in the 7th CPC Scenario- reg
No. 5/02/2018 -Welfare dated 4th June, 2018Review of Model constitution and Rule and Regulations for the Residents Welfare Associations recognised by the government of India, Department of Personnel and Training- regarding
28020/3/2018 – Estt.(C) dated 2nd June, 2018Master Circular on Probation / Confirmation in Central Services
F.No. I. 11019/9/2018 – CRD dated 25th May 2018Calendar for Cadre Review of Central Group ‘A’ Services
No. T-21011/2/2018 -Academy Desk dated 25th May, 2018Amendment in Recruitment Rules for the posts of Administrative Officer, Asstt. Administrative Officer, Assistant, UDC and LDC in LBSNAA, Mussoorie – reg
No. 17/1/2018-Dir (C) dated 24th May,2018Training of Non- Statutory Departmental Canteens employees on Food Safety & Standards norms by Food Safety & Standards Authority of India
No. 21011/02/2015 - Estt.A - II (Part.II) dated 21st May, 2018Online generation and recording of Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) on SPARROW (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window) for all Organised Group ‘A’ Services – Extension of timelines for completion of APAR for the year 2017-18
F. No. 12/3/2016-JCA-2 dated 18th May 2018Bye-elections to fill clear vacancies in the Lok Sabha Parliamentary constituencies of Maharashtra, Nagaland and Uttar Pardesh and State Legislative Assemblies of Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal to be held on 28.05.2018 – Grant of Paid holiday to employees
F.No. 108/01/2016-17 / CCSCSB dated 18th May, 2018
Use of Swimming facilities at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium by Central Govt. Employees & their dependent families regarding
No. 31011/3/2016-Estt.A-IV dated May 15 , 2018Admissibility of air fare for children below 5 years of the Government servants non-entitled to travel by air on LTC
F.No.AB-14017/14/2018 - Estt.(RR) (3139661)
dated 08th May 2018
Review of the Recruitment Rules/Service Rules (RRs/SRs)
18/3/2017 - 18-CCSCSB dated 3rd May 2018Music and Dance competition for wards of Central Government Employees
F.No-21/6/2017-CS.I (P) dated 2nd May, 2018Engagement of Consultant in Department of Post
F. No. 11/2/2016-JCA dated 1st May 2018Extension of time limit for receipt and disposal of anomalies relating to Seventh Central Pay Commission – regarding
F.No.31011/12/2015-Estt.A-IV dated April 24,2018LTC facilities to the Civilian employees of the Central Government serving in States of the North-Eastern Region, Ladakh region of State of Jammu & Kashmir and in Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar Island and Lakshadweep Group of Islands — Implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC
No. 2/10/2017 - Estt. Pay-II dated 24th April, 2018Revision of the rates of Central Secretariat (Deputation on Tenure) Allowance to officers of All India Services and Organized Group ‘A’ Central Services on their appointment as Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Director in the Central Secretariat under the Central Staffing Scheme
No .25014 / 06 / 2016 . AIS-II dated 18th April 2018Revision of Provisional pension sanctioned under Rule 69 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972
F.No. 7 / 10 / 2016 -CS-I (A)) dated 13th April, 2018Deputation/Foreign Service of officers of CSS – Revised instructions regarding
No. 13018 / 6 / 2013-Estt(L) dated 3rd April, 2018Child Care Leave (CCL) - Clarification
F.No.11012 / 7 / 2017-Estt.A-III Dated 28th March, 2018Grant of vigilance clearance for obtaining passport
No. 3/1/2018 - Dir(C)
dated 13th March, 2018
Staff strength in Non-Statutory departmental canteen / tiffin rooms functioning from Central Government Offices in Delhi/ Outside Delhi
No.20 / 1 / 2015 – Welfare dated 12th March 2018Discontinuation of Grant-in-aid to Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee for Cultural activities & Indoor Games and Secretarial Assistance
No.11 / 2 / 2016-JCA dated 14th March, 2018Setting up of Anomaly Committee to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations — extending the scope of definition regarding
F.No.12 / 3 / 2016-JCA-2 dated 9th March 2018General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Tripura-2018 — Grant of Paid Holiday
No.A-27018/01/2017-Estt.(AL) dated 7th March 2018Implementation of Govt, Decision on 7th CPC recommendations on Risk Allowance – reg
No.21 / 1 / 2016 -CS.I(PR/CMS) dated 27th Feb., 2018Interaction with the Joint Secretary (BC), Commission for Sub- Categorization of OBCs
F.No.AB.-14017/14/2016-Estt. (RR)(Pt.) dated 20th February, 2018Recommendations of 7th CPC with regard to EDP Cadre
No. 49011/2/2017 -Estt(C) dated 19th Feb, 2018Recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission – Applicability to the pay scales of Casual Labourers with Temporary status
F.No. 14017/06/2017 -AIS-11 dated 9th February, 2018Grant of leave to officers belonging to All India Services on completion of their tenures of Inter-cadre deputation
AB- 14017/11/2017 -Estt.(RR) dated 5th February, 2018Maximum age limit in case of appointment by deputation / deputation (including short term contract)
F.No.AB - 14017 / 13 / 2016 - E.stt.(RR) dated 29th January, 2018 7th CPC Revision of pay scales amendment of Service Rules / Recruitment Rules Status as on 24.01.2018
No. 31011 /8 / 2017-Estt.A-IV dated 18th January 2018Travel entitlements of Government employees for the purpose of LTC post Seventh Central Pay Commission-clarification reg
No. 3/8/2015 - CS-I(D) dated 15th January 2018Review of CSS Officers (Deputy Secretary/Director) under FR 56 (j) and Rule 48 of CSS (Pension) Rules, 1972
No.36035/02/2017-Estt (Res) dated 15th January, 2018Reservation for the Persons with Benchmark Disabilities
No.11012 / 15 / 2016 - Estt.A - III 10th January 2018
Regulation of Pay on imposition of a penalty under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 – Comments
Notification dated 5th January 2018Fundamental (Amendment) Rules, 2018 for Superannuation
F.No.CS.14017/6/2017-Estt(RR) dated 3rd January 2018Ante dating of promotion of Scientist on the direction of CATs/High Courts-reg
No. 12037 / 41 / 201 7-FTC dated January 3, 2018Long term and short term programs under DFFT scheme during 2018-19
F. No. 26 / 2 / 2016-CS.II (A) dated January 3, 2018Submission of Immovable Property Return (IPR) for the year 2017 (as on 31.12.2017) by the Officers of Central Secretariat Stenographer Services (CSSS) reg
No.16 / 12016 - JCA 2 dated 2nd January, 2018Early Closure of Offices in connection with Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony during January, 2018
Notification dated 1st January, 2018Central Civil Services (Leave) Second Amendment Rules, 2017

DOPT Orders 2017


  1. when released dopt order as following matter.
    1) MACP implementation w.e.f 1-1-2006, as per supreme court & mumbai highcourt judgement.

    2) HRA & allowance in 7 CPC

    government Employees wait as long time, its too late.

  2. Sir,
    I retired from Parsar Bharati All India Radio New Delhi on dated 30.04.2015 in the post of Assistant Engineer held with effect from 31.08.1989 continuously till retirement (30-04.2015 ) having been passed a period of more than 26 years of service in one post of Assistant Engineer. I had joined department on dated 11.04.1980 as Engineering Assistant in the pay scale of Rs. 550-900. The department has fixed my basic pay to Rs. 23140 in the pay scale of Rs. 9300-34800, Pay Band-2, Grade Pay Rs. 5400 as on dated 01.01.2006 due to grant of non-functional scale (NFS) and removed MACP-II and MACP-III after my retirement, which was granted in scale of Rs. 9300-34800, Pay Band-2, Grade Pay Rs. 5400 with effect from 31.08.2008 and subsequently MACP-III which granted in the pay scale of Rs. 15600-39100, Pay Band -III, Grade Pay Rs. 5400 with effect from o1.08.2009 . As I am getting less pension which based on Grade Pay Rs. 4800, Pay Band-2, Scale Rs. 9300-34800 and even got less pensionary benefits on retirement as per Grade Pay Rs. 4800, PB-2, sCALE rS. 9300-34800. It may not be out of place to mention that some of my colleagues who similarly placed to me in poast, cadre, pay scale, have got benefits of pensionary benefits along-with grant of MACP-II and MACP-III. I would be kind enough to you, if kindly let me know the pay fixation correct in my case after examining my case throughly. Thanking you,

  3. sir i want information regarding admissibility of Transport allowance on pro-rata basis during child care leave., whenever women employees CCL period falls in two or three different months.
    and also information regarding admissibility of risk allowance on pro-rata basis to trackmaintainers in indian railways whenever their leave/sick/training period falls in two or three calender months.

  4. Sir, I shaik abdul subhan retired on 30.06.2014 (Central Excise & Customs). I am not got that year increment. according to Madras High court judjment, can i get notional increment for the year 2014. Please clarify.

  5. I retired on 31/8/1993.,as subedar clerk group B. I get arrear of basic pay from 1/1/2006 to 24/7/2012 . now a day on social media a news viral that arrear from 1/1/2006 to till date is ordered by supreme court. Please clarify

  6. Children Education Allowance was restricted to 22 years of age for Mentally or other type of disability for government employee and like child care leave the restriction of age criteria for disabled child i.e. 22 years was removed vide OM No. 13018/6/2013-Estt(L) dated 22.6.2018, My question is same should be applicable in Children Education Allowance because after completion of 22 years of age child he/she can not become independent and process of education does not stop and learning in special school is still continue, so parents of disabled child should get the Children Education Allowance till the retirement of govt. employee and age criteria is to be removed. I want clarify this question to administration .

  7. I am a central government employee, working as library and information assistant from October 2010. There is no higher post there that is excadre post, no promotion. Will retired from same post. Even not forwarding my applications in other organisation on deputation on higher grade. Me Mentally disturb. Plz suggest me how reach higher authority so that office May get pressure from higher authorities. Or is there any rule regarding pay increase . Even not merging me other cadre for promotion as earlier they do for telephone operators. Plz help

  8. An employee working as senior Assistant has been grant the benefit of NFSG in the Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- w.e.f. 1/7/15 and he has completed 20 years of regular services on 31/12/17 or 10 years in the same post. MACP benefits can be granted to him. Kindly provide the Rule.

  9. I have joined as a LDC on 13.8.1997. I have got my 1st MACP 2007 and got promotion during 2012 as a UDC. please clarify when will I eligible for 2nd MACP?

  10. I joined in dop as postman on 7-2-1998 after that tekan promotion as postal asstt. in 5-12-2005 by internal dept. Exam and my pay scale upgrade from 2000 to 2400. Now in 2015 given me macp 1st. But as per dept. this is second macp. Is right or wrong. As per promotional hierarchy 1st macp 7-2-18.

  11. I was retired in 56 (j) 6/1/2017 my superannuation is 30/4/2018. I was retire in on going penalty and my penalty is finished on 30/12/2017 on which date my pension is revised. I was working in dopt.


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