ROPA 2019 Salary Calculator for West Bengal Government Employees

ROPA 2019 Salary Calculator for West Bengal Government Employees

West Bengal ROPA 2019 Salary Calculator
Select Pay Band & Grade Pay
Basic Pay as on 1.1.2016 (Including GP)
West Bengal ROPA 2019 Result
Revised Basic Pay from 2016
1st Increment in 2017
2nd Increment in 2018
3rd Increment in 2019
4th Increment in 2020

Disclaimer : We have provided best result in the calculator, this calculator only for reference purpose. We do not guarantee for 100% accuracy in the result, always check the WB ROPA 2019 PDF for more details. Add your comments in any mismatch.

West Bengal ROPA 2019 Pre 2016 Pension Calculator


  1. My joining 2016 May that time my basic was band pay + Grade pay= 8840.
    My Grade pay 2600
    Please provide my gross for 1.1.2020

  2. Amar 1.1.16 basic with grad pay 15350
    Amar promotion hayechhe December 2019.akhan ami options December 2019karte parchhi na.
    Ki karbo?
    Ami ki December2019 karter parbo
    Grad pay 3600.

  3. Existing Basic Pay as on 01.01.16 = Rs. 11930/- (8330+3600)
    Received 4 Normal Increment only during 2016-19 (Rs. 12290, Rs. 12660, Rs. 13040, Rs. 13440)
    No Promotion or CAS received during the same period

    If option given on 01.01.16/01.07.16, New Basic as on 01.01.20 = Rs. 34500/-
    If option given on 01.01.17/01.0718/01.07.19, New Basic as on 01.01.20 = Rs. 35500/-

    Can I give option on 01.01.17 for ROPA-19

  4. I have got 20 years C AS under Nadia zilla perished but not yet received 25 years benefit so what I got this benefit 8 16 25 CAS


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