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Adoption of Online PRAN Generation on Module (OPGM) in the State of Haryana

Addl. Chief Secretary to Government Haryana
Finance Department.


1. All Heads of Departments, Commissioners of Division.
2. All Deputy Commissioners & Sub Divisional Officers (Civil) in Haryana.
3. The Registrar General, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh.

Memo No. 2/47/2007-1Pension (FD)
Dated Chandigarh, the 22nd June, 2020

Subject :- Adoption of Online PRAN Generation on Module (OPGM) in the State of Haryana.

Sir/ Madam,

Kindly refer to this Department’s guidelines issued vide letter No. 1/1/2014-1Pension dated 04.12.2008 in relation to the NPS and other instructions from time to time on the subject cited above.

It has been observed by the State Government that there is a huge gap between date of joining the Service and the date of generation of PRAN, which adversely compromises the NPS corpus of the subscribers and thus is a matter of serious concern and needs to be addressed on priority. Delay in generation of Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) further leads to delay in uploading of NPS contributions. Such delays in uploading NPS contributions adversely impact the total corpus available in the NPS account leading to lesser monthly pension being received by the subscriber and defeating the very purpose of providing NPS to an employee subscriber.

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Accordingly, NSDL-CRA. has developed ‘Online PRAN Generation Module’ (OPGM) for the Government employees. Online PRAN Generation has greater advantages over the manual PRAN generation process as listed below:-

Manual PRAN Generation process Automated File Based process
  • Consideration time & effort spent to check every PRAN application
  • Accuracy cannot be ensured in case of all the applicable fields.
  • Time lag movement of physical from DDO to CRA – FCs
  • Higher probability of application
  • Above might lead to delay in contribution credit
  • Once Data, Photo & Signature are collated centrally, text file can be Generated from Back  Office System
  • Inbuilt validations
  • Expedites PRAN Generation
  • Error free operations as details present in back office are part of rejections the text file
  • Faster contribution credit

After due consideration, it has been decided by the State Government to adopt/ implement ‘Online PRAN Generation Module’ (OPGM) w.e.f. 01.06.2020 only.

The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance

Deputy Secretary Finance (Pension)
for Addl. Chief Secretary to Government Haryana
Finance Department

Signed Copy



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