Transport Allowance during Lockdown Period for Government Employees

Transport Allowance during lockdown

Ministry of Home Affairs has been issuing Orders on strict implementation of lockdown measures across the country to prevent and contain the spread of COV1D-19 virus from time to time.

Due to Covid-19 – Central Government freezed the Dearness Allowance for Government Employees from Jan 2020. but there is no information about Transport Allowance from the government. Many employees looking for transport allowance during lockdown period.

However, some departments released the Office memorandum internally and stating that

it has been decided in the Department that, since no clarification has been issued by the Nodal Ministry for grant/regulation of travelling allowance to the employees who have attended office/duty during the lock down period,

The payment of travelling allowance be kept in hold for all eligible employees whether attended office/duty or otherwise with immediate effect until further orders. The travelling allowance paid if any during the lock down period i.e. for the month of April, 2020 will be subject to clarification from the Nodal Ministry which may be brought to the notice of the concerned employees. – Check the Office Memorandum here

7th Pay Commission recommended the following rates of Transport Allowance to Central Government Employees

9 and above Rs. 7200 + DA thereon Rs. 3600 + DA thereon
3 to 8 Rs. 3600 + DA thereon Rs. 1800 + DA thereon
1 and 2 Rs. 1350 + DA thereon Rs. 900  + DA thereon

Admissibility of Transport Allowance

(a) During Leave: The allowance will not be admissible for the calendar month(s) wholly covered by leave.

(b) During deputation abroad: The allowance will not be admissible during the period of deputation abroad.

(c) During Tour: If an employee is absent from the Headquarters /Place of Posting for full calendar month/months due to tour, he/she will not be entitled to Transport Allowance During that/those calendar month/months. However, if the absence does not cover any calendar month(s) in full, Transport Allowance will be admissible for full month.

(d) During training treated as duty: The allowance may be granted during such training, if no Transport Facility/ Traveling Allowance /Daily Allowance is provided for attending the training institute. During Official tour in him training course, the allowance will not be admissible when the period of the tour covers the whole calendar month. Also, during training abroad, no Transport will be admissible when the period of such training covers the whole calendar month.

(e) During inspections /survey duty by Members of Special Parties within the city but exceeding 8 kms. From the Headquarters or during continuous field duty either in or outside the Headquarters: Transport Allowance is given to compensate for the expenditure incurred for commuting for both to and fro between the place of duty and residence. In case when one gets Road Mileage/Daily Allowance or free transportation for field/inspections /survey duty or tour for a period covering the whole calendar month, he/she will not be entitled to Transport Allowance during that calendar month.

(f) To vacation staff: Vacation staff is entitled to Transport Allowance provided no free transport facility is given to such staff. However, the allowance shall not be admissible when such vacation spell, including all kinds of Leave, cover the whole calendar month(s).

(g) During Suspension: As a Government employee under suspension is not required to attend office, he/she is not entitled to Transport Allowance during suspension where suspension covers full calendar month(s). This position will hold well even if the suspension period is finally treated as duty. Where suspension period covers a calendar month partially, Transport Allowance payable for that month shall be reduced proportionately.

7th Pay Commission Transport Allowance Rules


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