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Revised Organizational Structure of Railway Board

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Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

Office Order No. 64 of 2020

Sub : Revised Organizational Structure of Railway Board

Subsequent to decision of the Cabinet dated 24.12.2019 and ACC’s approval on reorganization of Railway Board on functional lines, the revised composition of Board would now be as under:-

i) Chairman, Railway Board & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – CRB.

ii) Member (Infrastructure), Railway Board- M/Infra,

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iii) Member {Traction & Rolling Stock (T&RS)}. Railway Board —-M/TRS,

iv) Member {Operations & Business Development (O&BD)}. Railway Board – M/O&BD.


v) Member (Finance), Railway Board- MF

2. Revised Organizational Structure of Railway Board and broad distribution of work to be handled by the Board Members are annexed at Annexure-I & II respectively.

2.1 Further, the relevant provisions in Board’s MOP and in other Codes & Manual with respect to composition of Railway Board stands modified accordingly.

3. The above issues with the approval of Minister of Railways.


Dated: 08/09/2020

(Sushant Kumar Mishra)
Secretary/Railway Board

Signed Copy

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