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Ex-gratia payment of Rs. 25,00,000 – After sanction of DRM – East Coast Railway

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Ex-gratia payment of Rs. 25,00,000 – After sanction of DRM – East Coast Railway


Office of the Pr. Chief Personnel Officer
Rail Sadan, 2nd Floor, Bhubaneswar-17


Dated: 15.12.2020


Sr. Divisional Personnel Officer –
East Coast Railway
Sambalpur Division.

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Sub :- Ex-gratia payment – Regarding.

Ref Your letter No. DRM(P)/SBP/Wel/Ex-gratia, dated- 27.08.2019.

In reference to the letter cited above, it is mention that, the suggestions given by SBP division to rationalize the policy of ex-gratia was put-up to the competent authority and has been decided that:

A) Immediate ex-gratia of Rs. 15000/- need not be paid in advance, however, full amount of Rs. 25,00,000/- may be given after sanction of DRM in consultation with associate finance.

Commercial circular No. 2011/TC-III/27/29/Ex-gratia, issued on July 26, 2012 may not be linked to ex-gratia circular issued by Welfare Directorate, Railway Board.

B) Personnel department will process for payment of lump-sum ex-gratia as per JPO.”

C) As per JPO circulated vide this office letter No. ECoR/Pers/Wel/Ex-gratia/JPO/02/12, dated- 09.07.2012 and clarification given by the PFA and PCPO, dated- 12.03.2019 and 30.04.2019 respectively, in the case of Late Shankar Chandra Sagar, Ex Tech-II/SBP, payment of lump-sum ex-gratia may be sanctioned to the families of Railway servants who died in harness in the performance of his bonafide official duties.

D) Similar cases may be dealt as per (C) above.

It is for your information and necessary action.

(R.N.A. Parida)
Chairman RRC/BBS
for Principal Chief Personnel Officer

Signed Copy

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