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Re-fixation of pay in 6th CPC pay structure – CAT/Mumbai Bench in OA No.688/2014

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Re-fixation of pay in 6th CPC pay structure – CAT/Mumbai Bench in OA No.688/2014


PC-VI No. 400

New Delhi. dated 13.11.2019

No. PC-VI/2014/Misc/04

The General Manager/CAOs,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units
(as per mailing list)

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Sub : Sharing of order dated 16.09.2019 of Hon’ble CAT/Mumbai Bench in OA No.688/2014 filed by Shri Girish Kumar Sabu & Ors Vs UOI & Ors.

A number of court cases have been filed by the employees ( in the pre-revised scales of Rs. 6500-10500/47450-11500) of various Zonal Railways seeking re-fixation of pay in 6th CPC pay structure based on upgraded pre-revised pay scales (Rs. 7450- 11500/7500-12000). The issue has been gone into on the merits by CAT/IVIumbai Bench vide their judgement dated 16.09,2019 in O.A. No. 688/2014 tiled by Shri Girish Kumar Sabu & Ors Vs U01 & Ors, Hon’ble Tribunal has been pleased to pass the following orders:-

“In view of the stipulation under the rules mentioned above and details explained by the respondents in paragraph No.3(i) and 0) above, fixation of pay of the applicant was done correctly corresponding to his earlier pay scale of Rs. 6,500-10,500/, Based on the subsequent clarification issued by the Railway Board dated 22.12.2009, revision of grade pay of the applicant to Rs. 4,600/- has also been done correctly by the respondents. The contentions of the respondents discussed above are, therefbre, justified.

4(j). In view of this, we find that the present OA lacks merit and it deserves dismissal.


The OA is dismissed. No costs.”

2. The Railways may bring the above position to the notice of Railway Advocate contesting such other cases and take necessary action to file a copy of above judgement before the respective Tribunals/ court and also to utilize the same during arguments.


( Jt. Director, Pay Commission Railway Board

Signed Copy


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