HomestrikeProposed Nationwide General Strike on 08.01.2020 - INTUC

Proposed Nationwide General Strike on 08.01.2020 – INTUC

Proposed Nationwide General Strike on 08.01.2020 – INTUC


The President/General Secretary
State Branches, Federations and Unions

Sub : Proposed Nationwide General Strike on 08.01.2020 – Intimation – Initiation of Action – Request – Reg.


At the outset, we would like to thank you for your whole-hearted support to the Joint National Open Mass Convention held at Parliament Street, New Delhi on 30th September, 2019. Workers and sympathizers from all parts of the country,- irrespective of their allegiance, have participated in this Mass Convention. We are proud to tell that it was a great success.

In the Mass Convention, it was unanimously decided to launch a NationWide General Strike on 8th January, 2020 to force the Union Government to consider our genuine demands of national minimum monthly wage of Rs. 21,000 and minimum pension of Rs.10,000, withdrawl of NPS and restoration of statutory pension scheme, filling up of all vacant posts, regularization of contract workers and equal wage to same type of work etc. etc.

The Union Government, notwithstanding our opposition, have initiated steps for codification of labour laws, fixed term employment, privatisation of PSUs, 100% FDI in the crucial sectors of Railways, Defence and Goal, Corporatisation of EPFO and ESIC and merger of nationalized BankS. All these actions of the Union Government will certainly pave the way for vast retrenchment of the workers and shrinkage of job opportunities and resultant hunger and starvation.

In order to make the proposed Nationwide General Strike on 8th January, 2020 a grand success, we have to start preparations from now on. We have to organize sectoral and state level united conventions prior to the nationwide general strike. Please remember that not much time is left out.

We request you to chalk out suitable programmes at all levels jointly with other CTUs of Joint Forum to mobilize the -Workers and the general public for the common cause of saving the country especially the workers from the clutches of vested interests.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Signed Copy

Source : NFIR



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