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General strike on March 28th and 29th 2022: Demands of AIBEA

General strike on March 28th and 29th 2022: Demands of AIBEA

Demands of All India Bank Employees Association:

i. In support of the decision of National Convention of Workers and at call of The Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Independent sectoral All India Federations and Associations on the 12 points common Charter of Demands, which are:

a. Scrapping the Labour Codes, Scrapping of Essential Defence Services Act;

b. Accept 6-point charter of demands, post repeal of Farm Laws, of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha;

c. No to Privatization in any form and scrap the National Monetization Policy;

d. Food and Income Support of Rs. 7500 per month to non-income tax paying households;

e. Increased allocation for MNREGA and extension of Employment guarantee Scheme to Urban Areas;

f. Universal social security for all informal sector workers;

g. Statutory Minimum wage and social security for Anganwadi, ASHA, Mid-day-meal and other Scheme workers;

h. Proper protection and insurance facilities for frontline workers serving the people in the midst of pandemic;

i. Increase in public investment in agriculture, education, health and other crucial public utilities by taxing the rich through wealth tax etc in order to revive and revamp the national economy;

j. Substantial reduction in Central Excise duty on petroleum product and concrete remedial measure to arrest price rise;

k. Regularization of contract workers, scheme workers and equal pay for equal work for all;

l. Cancellation of NPS and restoration of old pension substantial increase in minimum pension under Employees’ Pension Scheme.

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ii. And Demanding

a. Strengthen Public Sector Banks;
b. Stop Privatisation of Banks;
c. Stop haircuts-Start recovery of bad loans;
d. Increase rate of interest on Bank Deposits;
e. Do not burden customers with high service charges;
f. Scrap NPS Restore DA linked Pension scheme;
g. Stop outsourcing-Start recruitments;
h. Regularise all contract employees & BCs;

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