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Impose 50% & 30% roaster duty system in all Central Govt. offices – Confederation

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Impose 50% & 30% roaster duty system in all Central Govt. offices – Confederation writes to the Cabinet Secretary


Ref: CONFD/COV10/2021

Dated -22.04.2021

The Cabinet Secretary
Cabinet Secretariat
Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi – 111001

sub :- Preventive measures to contain spread of Corona Virus in respect of Central Govt. Employees.


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As you are well aware that the second wave of Corona virus has hit the country. This is an alarming stage that the number of Corona positive cases are reaching about 3 lakhs. The new variant is highly infectious and effecting young people also. There is acute shortage of beds, ICH beds, Oxygen and ventilators in most of the hospitals throughout the country.

Mostly Central Government offices are open and except Ministries and Directorates, everywhere officials are being called on duty in full strengh. Despite all precautions being taken by the employees, most of them are being infected.

At present most of the Hospitals throughout country are full with the patient of Corona and it has become very difficult to get admission in Hospitals.

In such circumstances it is requested to kindly cause necessary instructions to all the Secretaries and Heads of the Departments of Central Govt employees.

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(i) Impose 50% & 30% roaster duty system in all Central Govt. offices till the normalcy restores.

(ii) Central Govt. Employees being infected with Corona virus should be given preference in admission in hospitals.

(iii) Full reimbursement of treatment due to Covid – should be made.

(iv) In private hospitals rates of CGHS should be charged.

(v) The employees taking treatment in hospitals or in isolation at home, the period of absence should be treated either as duty or special leave should be granted.

(vi) The cities where lockdown or curfew has been imposed and public transport is also not available the period of absence of employees should be treated as duty orspecial leave should be granted.

(vii) Rs.Twenty lakh compensation should be granted to the family of deceased employees died due to Corona while on duty.

(viii) Compulsory Compassionate appointment to one ward of the deceased employee died due to Corona should be granted.

(ix) All safety measures as sanitizing machines, sanitizers, Masks, gloves, PPE Kits should be provided in each Central Govt. office.

Hoping for a positive response.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

roaster duty system

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