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DOPT Order 2013 – Compassionate Appointment – FAQs

Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment ‘D’ Division

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Compassionate Appointment

S.No. Question Answer
Introduction and Objective
1 Under what provisions of Government, appointments on compassionate grounds are regulated? The appointments on compassionate grounds against a post in Central Government are regulated in terms of the provisions of “Scheme for Compassionate Appointmentunder Central Government” issued under Department of Personnel & Training O.M. No. 14014/6/1994- Estt(D) dated 09.10.1998, as amended from time to time. All the instructions on compassionate appointments have been consolidated vide O.M. 14014/02/2012-Estt(D) dated 16.01.2013 and are available on the Department’s website www.persmin.nic.in (OMs & Orders> Establishment>(A) Administration (Ill) Concessions in Appointments (a) Compassionate Appointments).
2 What is the objective of scheme for compassionate appointments? The objective of the Scheme is to grant appointment on compassionate grounds to a dependenffamily member of a Government servant who has died while in service or who is retired on medical grounds before attaining the age of 55 years (57 years for erstwhile Group `D’ employees), thereby leaving the family in penury and without any means of sustainable livelihood so as to provide relief to the family of the Government servant concerned from financial destitution and to help it get over the emergency.
3 Is the Scheme applicable to member of Armed Forces? Yes. Dependent family member of a Armed Force personnel can be considered for appointment against a civilian post within any establishment/organisation under the Ministry of Defence, if the armed force personnel:
a) Dies during service; or
b) Is killed in action; or
c) Is medically boarded out and is unfit for civil employment
4 Can dependents of a deceasedgovernment employee who committed suicide be considered for compassionate appointment? Yes. If the family satisfies the criteria to be considered for compassionate appointment (see S. No. 29).
Age limit for appointment on compassionate ground
5 What is the upper and lower age limit for making compassionateappointment? The age limits would be based on the Recruitment Rules of the post to which the compassionate
6 Whether upper age limit prescribed for a post can be relaxed while making appointment on Yes. Upper age limit can be relaxed wherever found to be necessary.
7 Whether lower age limit prescribed for a post can be relaxed while making appointment on NO. The lower age limit cannot be relaxed below 18 years of age.
8 What is the crucial date for determining age eligibility forappointment on compassionate grounds? Age eligibility shall be determined with reference to the ‘date of application’ for compassionate
9 Which authority is competent to grant relaxation of upper age limit? Authority competent to take a final decision for making compassionate appointment in a case is the competent authority to grant relaxation of
10 Is there any restriction of age limit of medically retired government servant for consideration of cases of dependents for compassionateappointment? Yes. The Government servant should have retired on medical grounds before attaining the age of 55
Definition of a Dependent Family members
11 Who are considered dependent Family Members for the purpose of consideration of appointment on compassionate grounds? Dependent Family Member means:
a. spouse; or
b. son (including adopted son); or
c. daughter (including adopted daughter); or
d. brother or sister in the case of unmarried Government servant; or
e. member of the Armed Forces, as defined in S.No. 3, who was wholly dependent on the Government servant/ member of the Armed Forces at the time of his death in harness or retirement on medical grounds, as the case may be.
12 Whether a ‘married daughter’ can be considered for compassionateappointment? Yes but subject to conditions:
i. That she was wholly dependent on the Government servant at the time of his/her death in harness or retirement on medical grounds
ii. She must support other dependents members of the family.
13 Whether ‘married son’ can considered compassionateappointment? No. A married son is not considered dependent on a be for government servant.
14 Whether ‘married brother’ can be considered for on a compassionate No. A married brother is not considered dependent
government servant.
15 Whether dependent of an employee working on ‘daily wage or causal or apprentice or ad-hoc or contract or re-employment’ basis can be considered for compassionate No. Only the dependent of regular government employeecan be considered for compassionate appointment.
16 Whether dependent of “confirmed work-charged staff” can be considered for compassionateappointment? Yes. Confirmed work-charged staff is covered by
17 Whether a widow appointed on compassionate ground be allowed tocontinue in service after re-marriage? Yes
18 Whether dependent of deceasedgovernment employee can be considered for compassionateappointment when there is an earning member in the family? Yes. In deserving cases, even where there is already an earning member in the family, a dependent family member may be considered for compassionateappointment with prior approval of the Secretary of the Department/Ministry concerned who, before approving such appointment, will satisfy himself that grant of compassionate appointment is justified having regard to number of dependents, assets and liabilities left by the Government servant, income of the earning member as also his liabilities including the fact that the earning member is residing with the family of the Government servant and whether he should not be a source of support to other members of the family.
19 Whether dependent of a missinggovernment employee can be considered for compassionateappointment? Yes. Subject to conditions prescribed in this Department O.M. dated 09.10.1998, dependent family of missing government employees can be considered for compassionate appointment.
Competent Authority for Compassionate Appointment
20 Who is the competent authority to make appointment on compassionate grounds in case of a Ministry Department? a) Joint Secretary in-charge of administration in the Ministry / Department concerned;
b) Head of the Department under the SupplementaryRule 2(10) in case of attached and subordinate office;
c) Secretary in the Ministry/Department concerned in special type of cases;
Posts/vacancies against which compassionate appointments can be made
21 Against which group of posts a compassionate appointment can be made? Compassionate appointment can be made only upto 5% of vacancies falling under direct recruitment quota in Group ‘C’ posts (Including erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts) in a ‘recruitment year’. The manner of determination ofvacancies has been explained in the consolidated instructions on compassionate appointment dated 16.01.2013 [click here to view]
22 How do we make appointment on compassionate grounds in small offices/cadres in which there are less than 20 direct recruitment vacancies in a ‘recruitment year’, the minimum vacanciesrequired to make a compassionate appointment? Group ‘C’ posts, in which there are less than 20 directrecruitment vacancies in a recruitment year, may be grouped together and out of the total number of vacancies ‘in a year’, 5% may be filled up on compassionate grounds subject to the condition thatappointment on compassionate grounds in any such post should not exceed one. For the purpose ofcalculation of vacancies for compassionate appointment, fraction of avacancy either half or exceeding half but less than one may be taken as one vacancy.
23 How are vacancies for appointmenton compassionate grounds to be calculated in small Ministries / Departments where sufficientvacancies do not arise, year after year, for making compassionateappointment? The small Ministries / Departments may apply a more liberalized method of calculation ofvacancies under 5% quota for compassionate appointment. Small Ministries / Departments, for the purpose of these instructions, are defined as organizations where no vacancy for compassionate appointment could be located under 5% quota for the last 3 years. Such small Ministries/Departments may add up the total of DR vacancies in Group ‘C’ and erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts (excluding technical posts) arising in each year for 3 or more preceding years and calculate 5% of vacancies with reference to the grand total of vacancies of such years, for locating one vacancy for compassionate appointment. This is subject to the condition that no compassionate appointment was/has been made by the Ministries/Departments during 3 years or number of years taken over and above 3 years for locating one vacancy under 5% quota.
24 Can compassionate appointment be made against a Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’ post? No.
25 Can compassionate appointment be made to a Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’ post if the dependent has higher qualifications? No.
26 If compassionate appointment cannot be given in a year, can it be considered in the next recruitment year? Yes. There is no time limit for compassionate appointment. A request for compassionate appointment can be carry forward to next or more years, but the total compassionate appointment made in a year should not exceed 5% limit of the direct recruitment Group C quota.
27 Can compassionate appointment be made against a future vacancy? No. Compassionate appointment can be made only if a regular vacancy is available for that purpose. No appointment can be made against a future vacancy.
28 Whether the administrative Ministry / Department / Office are required to prepare a waiting list for appointment on compassionate ground? No. Since no compassionate appointment can be made against a future vacancy, no waiting list is to be prepared.
29 Can a Committee constituted in a Ministry/Department for considering the request for appointment on compassionate ground recommend persons for appointment against the next year vacancy? No. The recommendation of the Committee should be limited to existing vacancies only. No recommendation for appointment on compassionate ground can be made against a future vacancy.
30 Can appointment on compassionate grounds be made against a Technical post? Yes. Compassionate appointment can also be made against technical ‘posts’ at Group ‘C’ and erstwhile Group ‘D’ level. The 5% quota of vacancies will be calculated on the basis of total DR vacancies arising in a year against the technical posts.
31 Is reservation roster applicable to compassionate appointments? Yes. A person selected for appointment on compassionate grounds should be adjusted in the recruitment roster against the appropriate category viz SC/ST/ OBC/General depending upon the category to which he belongs. For example, if he belongs to SC category he will be adjusted against the SC reservation point, if he is ST/OBC he will be adjusted against ST/OBC point and if he belongs to General category he will be adjusted against the vacancy point meant for General category.
32 What is criteria for determining eligibility of a person for consideration for compassionate appointment Following factors are to be mandatorily taken into consideration for making compassionate appointments:
a) The family is indigent and deserves immediate assistance for relief from financial destitution; and
b) Applicant for compassionate appointment should be eligible and suitable for the post in all respects under the provisions of the relevant Recruitment Rules.
The onus for examining the penurious condition of the dependent family rest with authority making compassionate appointment. Courts have clearly stated in various judgments that offering compassionate appointment as a matter of course, irrespective of the financial condition of the family of the deceased or medically retired Government servant, is untenable.
Criteria for consideration of the desirability of compassionate appointment
33 What are exemptions available to administrative Ministry/ Departments while making compassionate appointment? Compassionate appointments are exempted from observance of the following requirements:?
a) Recruitment procedure i.e. without the agency of the Staff Selection Commission or the Employment Exchange.
b) Clearance from the Surplus Cell of the Department of Personnel and Training/Directorate General of Employment and Training.
c) The ban orders on filling up of posts issued by the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure)
34 Whether a person appointed as LDC on compassionate ground exempted from requirement of passing the type writing test. In the matter of exemption from the requirement of passing the typing test, those appointed on compassionate grounds to the post of Lower Division Clerk will be governed by the general orders issued in this regard:?
i. by the CS Division of the Department of Personnel and Training, if the post is included in the Central Secretariat Clerical Service; or
ii. by the Establishment Division of the Department of Personnel and Training, if the post is not included in the Central Secretariat Clerical Service.
35 Whether a person who does not fulfill education qualification of a post can be appointed on compassionate ground? Yes. A person who does not fulfill educational qualification of a post can be appointed as “Trainee”(DOPT OM No. 14014/2/2009-Estt(D) dated 11.02.09 and 03.04.2012 [click here])
36 Whether Government Department can appoint a widow who does not fulfill educational qualification requirement of a post? Yes. In case a widow who does not fulfill educational requirement of a post is considered for compassionate appointment, she can be appointed only against a multi-tasking staff post provided the appointing authority is satisfied that she can satisfactorily perform duties of the post with the help of some on job training.
37 Can dependents of deceased government employee be considered for appointment on compassionate ground on casual/daily wage/ad? hoc/contract basis? No. Only regular appointment can be made on
compassionate grounds against a regular vacancy.
Time limit for considering cases of compassionate appointments
38 Is there any time limit for considering a case for compassionate appointment? Subject to availability of a vacancy and instructions on the subject issued by this Department, as amended from time to time, any application for compassionate appointment can be considered without any time limit subject to the merit of each case (see criteria mentioned in S.No. 32).
39 Can a Department consider belated requests for compassionate appointment? Ministries/Departments can consider requests for compassionate appointment even where the death or retirement on medical grounds of a Government servant took place long back. While considering such belated requests it should, however, be kept in view that the concept of compassionate appointment is largely related to the need for immediate assistance to the family of the Government servant in order to relieve it from economic distress. The very fact that the family has been able to manage somehow all these years should normally be taken as an adequate proof that the family had some dependable means of subsistence.
40 Can the cases which were closed on completion of 3 years’ time-limit as provided in DOPT OM dated 5.5.2003, be re-opened after the waiver of time-limit in DoPT Yes provided that the cases were closed due to non-availability of vacancies during the 3 year time-period and subject to the criteria mentioned in S.No. 32 and S.No. 39. Such cases should not be opened merely because the time limit has been waived off.
41 Whether belated case of compassionate appointments against the Group D can be considered now after regularization of all Group ‘D’ employees as Group ‘C’ employees. The belated cases of compassionate appointment are to be considered as per the revised recruitment rules for the MTS posts.
Status and admissibility of pay/allowance of Trainee
42 What will be Status of Trainee? A person appointed as ‘Trainee’ enjoys the Status of Government servant from initial day and will be allowed all the allowances and benefit allowed to a government servant.
43 What will be maximum time period allowed for a person appointed as ‘Trainee’ to acquire minimum education qualification A person appointed as a ‘Trainee” on compassionate grounds has to acquire minimum educational qualifications in 5 years.
44 Whether a person appointed on compassionate grounds as ‘Trainee’ will have probation period, Yes. The probation period, as specified in Recruitment rules of the post/grade against which he/she is appointed would commence from the date he/she acquires minimum educational qualifications.
45 Whether Earned Leave, Half pay leave and other types of leave as applicable to regular Government employees would be admissible to a Trainee A ‘Trainee’ appointed on compassionate ground would be entitled for all kinds of leave allowed to a regular Government servant.
46 Admissibility of Leave Travel concession as applicable to regular government servants. A ‘Trainee’ appointed on compassionate ground would be allowed LTC concession only on completion of one year service
47 Is a Trainees appointed on compassionate grounds entitled to Medical facilities/ Benefit of CGEGIS/ CGHS and Children Educational Allowance. Yes. As allowed to a regular government servant in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 4440-7440/- without grade pay. However, he would not be entitled to OTA during the period as a Trainee.
48 Admissibility of New Pension Scheme Yes. As allowed to a regular government servant in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 4440-7440/- without grade pay
49 Whether dependent of a Trainee appointed on compassionate grounds entitled to compassionate appointment. – Yes.
50 Which administrative authority is responsible for informing the dependents of deceased government employee or a medically retired official about the scheme for compassionate appointment? Welfare Officer of the concerned Ministry/ Department/ Office is responsible for appropriate counselling and facilitating the process of compassionate appointment of the dependent of a deceased or medically retired Government employee.
51 Whether maintenance of the family of the deceased employee is responsibility of person appointed on compassionate ground? Yes. A person appointed on compassionate grounds under the scheme has to give an undertaking in writing that he/she will maintain properly the other family members who were dependent on the Government servant/member of the Armed Forces in question and in case it is proved subsequently (at any time) that the family members are being neglected or are not being maintained properly by him/her, his/her appointment may be terminated forthwith.
52 Once a person has been appointed on compassionate ground, can be considered eligible for consideration for appointment on compassionate ground against another post? No. When a person has been appointed on compassionate grounds to a particular post, the set of circumstances, which led to such appointment, should be deemed to have ceased to exist and he/she should strive in his/her career like his/her colleagues for future advancement and any request for appointment to any higher post on considerations of compassion should invariably be rejected.
53 Can an appointment on compassionate ground be transferred from one person to another person? Appointment made on compassionate grounds cannot be transferred to any other person and any request for the same on considerations of compassion is invariably to be rejected.
54 How is the seniority of a person appointed on compassionate ground to be determined? A person appointed on compassionate ground in a particular recruitment year may be placed at the bottom of all the candidates recruited/appointed through direct recruitment, promotion etc. in that year, irrespective of the date of joining of the candidate on compassionate ground.
55 Can service of an employee appointed on compassionate grounds terminated for not fulfilling the terms and condition of offer of appointment, The compassionate appointments can be terminated on the ground of noncompliance of any condition stated in the offer of appointment after providing an opportunity to the compassionate appointee by way of issue of show cause notice asking him/her to explain why his/her services should not be terminated for non-compliance of the condition(s) in the offer of appointment and it is not necessary to follow the procedure prescribed in the Disciplinary Rules/Temporary Service Rules for his purpose.
56 Can a dependent of deceased government employee who held the erstwhile Group ‘D’ now MTS post, considered for appointment on compassionate ground against a Group ‘C’ post? Yes. A family member of erstwhile Group ‘D’ post Government servant (now MTS) can be appointed to a Group ‘C’ post for which he/she is educationally qualified, provided a vacancy in Group ‘C’ post exists for this purpose.
57 Can an application on compassionate ground rejected because the family of the deceased government employee has received benefits under various welfare scheme? No. An application for compassionate appointment cannot be rejected merely on the ground that the family of the Government servant has received the benefits under the various welfare schemes and will have to be considered on the basis of criteria mentioned in S.No. 32 and S.No. 39.
58 Can an application on Compassionate ground be rejected on the ground of re-organisation in the Ministry / Department/ Office? No. Compassionate appointment cannot be denied or delayed merely on the ground that there is reorganisation in the Ministry/Department/ Office. It should be made available to the person concerned if there is a vacancy meant for compassionate appointment and he or she is found eligible and suitable under the scheme (see criteria mentioned under S.No. 32).
59 Can courts order appointment on compassionate grounds? The Supreme Court has held in its judgement dated February 28, 1995 in the case of the Life Insurance Corporation of India vs. Mrs Asha Ramchandra Ambekar and others [JT 1994(2) S.C. 183] that the High Courts and Administrative Tribunals cannot give direction for appointment of a person on compassionate grounds but can merely direct consideration of the claim for such an appointment.

(Mukta Goel)
Director (E.I)

Original Order




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  10. With due respect and humble, I the under signed with my hands folded and begging alms for compassionate appointment in controller of defence accounts and submitting here for your kind attention and early action please. Recently, I got a letters from CDA and CGDA that my case for compassionate appointment does not see any indigence as per DOPT orders. Sirs/madam, I request the competent authority to look into the matter and my youngest daughter is yet to be married and has been waiting since 17 years due to the sheer indigence only and I do not why they are not able to see indigence in our case. I am the destitute widow G.J. Prema, wife of late G. Janagiraman, who had worked in PAO ORS EME, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad, Telangana as Senior Auditor Account no 8302767, very sincerely and honestly and duty bounded and died on 29th May, 1999 Saturday at 9:45 a.m. whom he lastly served in the office of the Joint CDA In charge, PAO ORS EME, SECUNDERABAD 500015. I AM WRITING THIS PETITION ON THE BELIEF THAT MY GRIEVANCE WILL BE ADDRESSED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, I RECENTLY RECEIVED AN REJECTION LETTER NO AN I 1036 COMP APPT GJSC GJP FROM THE CGDA AND CONTROLLER DEFENCE ACCOUNTS, SECUNDERABAD, stating that they do not see any INDIGENCE in our case. Why they are not seeing any indigence in our case sir/madam. My husband was the eldest son of his family consisting of 9 members including him with three sisters and three brothers, mother, and father, so responsibility was on him to perform marriages for his three sisters and three brothers, so he has to perform marriages for six members of his brothers and sisters and he took the loans and borrowed money to perform their marriages and then he married to me with the burden of loans on his shoulder, so our life started with thorns of uneasiness, our sufferings and troubles started from there after the birth of my first daughter, son, and second daughter, we were not able to afford them good education due to these loans and once again he had to borrow money for my first daughter’s marriage and this pressure ultimately had created health problems for my husband leading to heart attack, thus taking my husband’s life making an end to my happiness. My husband was everything to us. So, we have paid and paying loans that my husband had borrowed. I was mentally ill in 90s due to these financial pressures, my husband also had loans from cooperative society of CDA for my mental illness too, so even my husband’s death is also due to our indigence position right from the beginning itself, but it had further worsened after my husband’s death. I AM HAVING UNMARRIED DAUGHTER, WHICH IS MY MAJOR CONCERN, NOW SHE IS AGED 36 AND 37 BY FEBRUARY. SO, PLEASE DO HELP US BY PROVIDING COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENT IN Controller of Defence Accounts, SECUNDERABAD, TELANGANA, AND PLEASE DO JUSTICE TO US BY PROVIDING COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENT, WHICH IS THE ONLY HOPE TO GET MY DAUGHTER MARRIED, ALREADY SHE HAS BEEN WAITING SINCE SEVENTEEN YEARS, WHICH IS A CLEAR POSITION OF INDIGENCE. KINDLY HELP US SIR, YOU ARE THE RAY OF HOPE. AND MY HEALTH IS DETERIORATING DUE TO HIP FRACTURE AND MALNUTRITION AND WE ARE IN INDIGENT POSITION AND WE ARE LIVING IN RENT AT EXORBITANT RATES, WE ARE HAVING ONE TIME OR SOME TIME NO MEAL. OUR POSITION IS IN A VERY PATHETIC CONDITION, WHICH CANNOT BE EXPLAINED IN WORDS. THE BENEFITS WE RECEIVED AFTER MY HUSBAND’S DEATH AND THE PRESENT PENSION, ALL HAVING BEEN SPENT ON LOANS, MONEY LENDERS. I AM THE DESTITUTE WIDOW G.J. PREMA, WIFE OF LATE G. JANAGIRAMAN, WHO HAD WORKED IN PAO ORS EME, TRIMULGHERRY, SECUNDERABAD, TELANGANA AS SENIOR AUDITOR ACCOUNT NO 8302767. PLEASE HELP ME US SIRS. MY HEALTH IS DETERIORATING DUE TO HIP FRACTURE AND MALNUTRITION AND WE ARE IN INDIGENT POSITION AND WE ARE LIVING IN RENT AT EXORBITANT RATES, WE ARE HAVING ONE TIME OR SOME TIME NO MEAL. OUR POSITION IS IN A VERY PATHETIC CONDITION, WHICH CANNOT BE EXPLAINED IN WORDS. THE BENEFITS WE RECEIVED AFTER MY HUSBAND’S DEATH AND THE PRESENT PENSION, ALL HAVING BEEN GIVEN TO LOANS AND MONEY LENDERS. In the meantime, my son had applied for compassionate appointment and faced rejections, WE BELONG TO ECONOMICALLY POOREST BACKGROUND AND FINANCIALLY AND WE BELONG TO SCHEDULED CASTE OF ADI DRAVIDA, AND I AM HAVING UNMARRIED DAUGHTER, WHICH IS MY MAJOR CONCERN, NOW SHE IS AGED 36 AND 37 BY FEBRUARY. So, please do help us by providing compassionate appointment and we have been waiting since seventeen years and kindly help us madam, you are only the hope. To be frank enough I have no moral support as all my relatives have deserted us after I lost my husband. Due to financial crisis, we are still not able to perform my youngest daughter’s marriage, kindly consider my son for appointment on compassionate grounds. 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    My name is deevena age 63 yrs. heart patient , arthritis patient. my son was appointed as junior clerk in railways under compassionate grounds. After 7 cpc he is completely changed and not taking care of my family and he is irresponsible against his child.

    I has asked him why are u doing like this? then replied i will do like this only. you cant do anything. Go to anywhere nobody will do anything to me.

    Sir kindly beg you to tell me how to put him in control to take family responsibility.

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