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Date of Next Increment after completing 6 months period – 180 days – NFPE Clarification

1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001

NO PF-68-113/CDS (RP) Rules 2016

Dated – 11.11.2020

The Secretary Department of Posts Dale Bhawan, New Delhi —110001

Sub :- Date of next Increment under Pule 10 of CCS (RP) Pules 2016- Clarification regarding.

Ref : – Directorate letter No. 2-16/2017-PAP dated 02.12.2019 & MOF OM NO 0-21/2017-1CA-111A dated 20.11.2010.


As per above cited office memos, the first increment in the level applicable to the post on which promotion is made shall accrue on the following 1st July or 1st January, as the case may be, provided a period of 6 months qualifying service is strictly fulfilled. The next increment thereafter shall, however, accrue only after completion of one year.

According to the above order, 6 months of qualifying period can be counted as 180 days instead of 6 calendar months. If it is counted as 6 calendar months, the official will have to lose one increment as there is one day non qualifying period during 6 months. Thereby the official will have to bear huge financial loss till We date of retirement and after retirement in pension. Therefore 6 months qualifying period may be counted as 180 days.

It has been brought to our notice regarding non grant of one increment after completing 6 months period i.e. 180 days from 2nd July to 1st January (both inclusive) on 1st January or 2nd January to 1st July (both inclusive) on 1st July on financial upgradation under MACPS/regular promotion due to non qualifying service of one day during this period but they have completed 180 days (i.e. Six months) qualifying service. Therefore, the officials will lose huge amount of pay and allowances due to misinterpretation of the above order at the time of allotting next increment after completing 6 month qualifying service i.e. 180 days. But qualifying service for next increment is calculated by subtracting We number of non qualifying days and remaining days are converted into months while 30 days are treated as one month.

In so many cases, months are counted in number of days like at the time of implementation of order of adhoc/officiating promotion i.e. 4 months or 11 months, CCL-730 days, maternity leave -180 days and split period counted for increment. On the same basis, 6 months period of qualifying period may be counted as 180 days for increment purpose also.

It is therefore requested to kindly cause suitable instructions in this regard so that the problem may be solved and officials may not suffer because of only one day non-qualifying service.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,
(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Source : NFPE



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