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BSNL VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) 2019 – Important FAQ

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BSNL VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) 2019 – Important FAQ

BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019

Whether the Ex-Gratia payment shall be paid in cash or in the shape of any Bond ?

Ex Gratia payment will be credited in the bank account of the official.

Is any minimum qualifying service necessary for opting VRS?

No minimum qualifying service is prescribed for VRS under this scheme

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Please define Column 8(ix) in BSNL VRS scheme with regard to nature of claim or compensation

No claim arising after 31.01.2020 shall be paid except as provided in this scheme

When the pension of an individual will start/resume after the date of VRS viz 31.01.2020 ?

Full Pension will start with effect from 01.02.2020 till the time commutation option is excercised by the official as per provisions of this scheme

Whether the rate of Interest on Gratuity will be Simple or Compound?

Simple Interest

Whether the Interest calculation on deferred Gratuity will be done in the manner similar to interest calculation applied for GPF?

No, only GPF interest rate will be applied for calculation of Simple Interest

Whether the rate of Interest on deferred Gratuity payment shall vary with change in GPF interest rate?

Yes, It will change with change in GPF interest rates

Whether the official having less than 6 months of service left for actual superannuation is eligible to take VRS ?

Yes, eligible officials who are duw for superannuation after 31.01.2020 are eligible for opting VRS

Whether the benefit of NEPP/EPP shall be given in respect of those officials/officers who are due for upgradation prior to 31.01.2020 ?

Yes, it will be granted, If due before 31.01.2020 with effect due date.

Whether the Ex-Gratia amount is exempted under Income Tax ?

Income Tax will be charged as per extant Rules of Income Tax Act

Whether the BSNl Quarters can be retained upto the age of superannuation viz 60 years?

Retention of staff quarters will be as per existing rules as ammended from time to time.

What is the last date of filing Pension Papers in the event of opting for VRS?

Pension papers can be submitted soon after excersing option for VRS

Whether VRS optees are eligible for CGHS facility at par with BSNL official retiring on superannuation ?

Only BSNL absorbed officials, covered under Rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rules , opting for VRS are eligible for CGHS facility

Whether stagnation increments will be considered for calculation of Ex-Gratia ?


Whether an optee of VRS can subsequently be allowed to withdraw or change his option?

Yes, the officials will be allowed to withdraw the option only once at anytime till the closing time and date of option, after withdrawal, official can again opt for VRS, within prescribed date and time but will not be allowed to withdraw again.

Whether the annual increment benefit will be extended to the VRS Optees whose DNI falls on 01.02.2020 as the employee already completed 365 days of service as on 31.01.2020 ?


As the Ex Gratia amount is being paid in two financial years, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, whether the income tax exemption of Rs 5 Lakhs is applicable in each financial year or not?

It will be as per the extant Income Tax Rules

When will the GPF and Leave Encashment amount will be paid to the VRS optees, immediately after the retirement or not?

Yes, it will be paid immediately after the retirement.

To reduce the Medical reimbursement amount to BSNL, for all those who opted for CGHS, whether the entire amount towards CGHS contribution will be reimbursed by BSNL to the VRS Optees immediately ?


Whether the Time bound promotion benefit will be extended to the VRS Optees, whose Time bound promotion is due in February 2020 as the employee already completed 5 years of service as on 31.01.20?



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