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BSNL Covid Fund (BCF) Policy – Policy & instructions

BSNL Covid Fund (BCF) Policy – Policy & instructions

Corporate Office
Admin & PR Branch
1st Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,
HC. Mathur Lane, Janpath,
New Delhi- 110001.

No 25-1/2021-BSNL(WL)/Admn

DATED: 20th May 2021

All the CGMs/Unit Heads,

Sub : BSNL Covid Fund (BCF) Policy — Policy & instructions regarding.

Formidable second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India has caused an unexpected and unprecedented surge in the number of Covid cases in a very short spell of time. BSNL employees are no exception. In the present scenario, a large number of employees of BSNL have been reported to be infected with Covid and some of them are meeting with tragic end. In view of the above circumstances and to support the families of deceased employees, BSNL Covid Fund (BCF) is being created.

2. For this purpose, BSNL Board has approved the BCF policy enclosed as Annexure-1. As per this policy, willing BSNL employees will make voluntary contribution of their 1 (One) day salary towards BCF and BSNL management shall contribute an equal amount. From BCF, one time financial assistance of Rs. 10 lakh to the bereaved families of BSNL employees (as per para 2.0 of the policy) who died because of Covid shall be provided. This will be in addition to all other prevailing death benefits.

3. As per para 3.2 of the policy, any employee not willing to contribute to BCF will submit in writing to respective AO (Pay g Accounts) within 10 days from the notification of BCF policy i.e. by 29th May,2021. However, since the contribution is for a very noble cause, all employees are encouraged to participate in the endeavor.

4. Operational guidelines for sending the case to Welfare Section, BSNL CO for granting Rs 10 Lakh to the family of deceased employee shall be as per Annexure-2.

5. Death cases due to Covid which have taken place before issue of this policy may also be Submitted within 30 days of the issue of this policy and fresh death cases as per the Para 5.0 of the Policy(Annexure-I).

This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

Enclosure: Annexure 1 & 2.

(A M Gupta)
Sr GM (Admin)

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