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Aptitude Test in Departmental selections [RBE No. 12/2019]

Aptitude Test in Departmental selections

RBE No. 12/2019


No.E(NG)I/2016/PM 1/18

New Delhi, dated January 16, 2019

The General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways/PUs &
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Sub: Aptitude Test in Departmental selections.

As the Railways are aware, in terms of extant instructions, (Board’s letter No. dated 20.03.2007), a candidate who fails in the aptitude test during a Selection/Suitability test for a post, cannot be allowed to re-appear in the Aptitude Test in respect of the same round of Selection/Suitability Test. There is however, no objection to such a candidate being allowed a subsequent opportunity to appear in the aptitude test in respect of a fresh selection/suitability test held for the same category of post after a time gap of six months. The instructions in this regard also provide that the candidates may be called for a day prior to the Aptitude Test to make them familiar with the content of Aptitude Test for improving their performance in the said test.

Consequent to a demand by a recognized Staff Federation (NFIR), in the Railway Board PNM for review of the extant instructions on the subject, the matter has been deliberated upon in consultation with the concerned Technical Directorates and RDSO. It has now been decided in partial modification of the extant instructions that a candidate who fails in the Aptitude Test in the first attempt, may be allowed to appear in the Aptitude test again in respect of a fresh Selection/Suitability Test for the same category after a gap of three months, instead of six months as at present.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(P.M. Meena)
Dy. Director-II/E(NG)I
Railway Board

Signed Copy



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