West Bengal Public Holidays List 2021

Government of West Bengal
Finance (Audit) Department
Nabanna, 325, Sarat Chatterjee Road
Howrah-711 102.

No. 3100 —F(P2)

Howrah, the 5th November, 2020


In exercise of the power conferred by the explanation to Section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (XXVI of 1881), read with Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Notification No. 20/25/56-pub(I) dated the 8th June, 1957 the Governor is pleased to declare the days as specified at List I below to be Public Holidays during the year 2021.

2. The Governor is also pleased to notify that the offices under the Government of West Bengal with the exception of the offices of the Registrar of Assurances, Kolkata and Collector of the Stamp Revenue, Kolkata shall be closed on the days as specified at List II below which are not declared to be public holidays, during the year 2021.

3. Further, the Governor is pleased to declare that the days as specified at List III may be observed as Sectional Holidays in the year 2021 for the employees of different communities mentioned against the day.

List I (Public Holidays in 2021 under the N. I. Act)

Birth Day of Swami Vivekananda 12th January, Tuesday
** Birth Day of Netaji 23rd January, Saturday
Republic Day 26th January, Tuesday
Saraswati Puja[Sree Panchami] 16th February, Tuesday
Good Friday 02nd April, Friday
Birth Day of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 14th April, Wednesday
Bengali New Year’s Day(Nababarsha) 15th April, Thursday
** May Day 01st May, Saturday
Id-Ul-Fitar 14th May, Friday
Buddha Purnima 26th May, Wednesday
Id-Ud-Zoha(Bakrid) 21st July, Wednesday
Muharram 19th August, Thursday
**Birth Day of Gandhiji 02nd October, Saturday
Mahalaya 06th October, Wednesday
Durgapuja Saptami 12th October, Tuesday
Durgapuja Astami 13th October, Wednesday
Durgapuja Nabami 14th October, Thursday
Durgapuja Dasami 15th October, Friday
Lakshmi Puja 20th October, Wednesday
Kali Puja 04th November, Thursday
Birth Day of Guru Nanak 19th November, Friday
** Christmas Day  25th December, Saturday

Yearly Closing of Bank Account : 1st April, Thursday (for Banks only, Government Offices and Treasuries will remain open)

List II (Holidays under the order of State Government in 2021)

New Year’s Day 01st January, Friday
Additional Day of Saraswati Puja 17th February, Wednesday
Shivaratri 11th March, Thursday
Holi(Day after Doljatra) 29th March, Monday
**Additional day of Id-Ul-Fitar 15th May, Saturday
Rathayatra 12th July, Monday
Birth day of Poet Bhanu Bhakt (for Darjeeling & Kalimpong District only)  13th July, Tuesday
Janmastami 30th August, Monday
Additional day of Durgapuja Mahasasthi 11th October, Monday
Additional day in connection with Durgapuja 18th October, Monday
Fateha-Dwaz-Daham 19th October, Tuesday
Additional day in connection with Lakshmi Puja 21st October, Thursday
Additional day in connection with Lakshmi Puja 22nd October, Friday
Additional Day in connection with Kali Puja 5th November, Friday
**Bhatridwitya 06th November, Saturday
Day before Chhat Puja 09th November, Tuesday
Chhat Puja 10th November, Wednesday

List III (Sectional Holidays in 2021)

Sab-e-Barat 30th March, Tuesday(for Muslims only)
**Easter Saturday 03rd  April, Saturday(for Christians only)
Hul Diwas 30th June, Wednesday [for Adivasi(Santal) only]
Karam Puja To be notified later on.

Note :

1. Sundays are holidays under the Negotiable Instrument Act.
2. In the year 2021, the following festivals/occasions fall on Sundays which are public Holidays under N.I Act and hence have not been included in lists:

i) Doljatra 28th March, Sunday
ii) Mahavir Jayanti 25th April, Sunday
iii) Birth day of Rabindranath Tagore 09th May, Sunday
iv) Independence Day 15th August, Sunday


3. The holiday with double asterisk marks i.e. (**) is applicable to those Government Offices only where Saturdays are not observed as full holiday.

4. General Instructions as laid down hereunder are to be followed in case of Muslim festivals.


1) No substitute holiday shall be allowed if any of the festival — holidays initially notified subsequently happens to fall on a weekly off or any other non-working day or in the event of more than one festival falling on the same day.

2) If there is any change in the date of Id-Ul-Fitre, Id-Ud-Zoha, Muharram, Fateha-Duaz-Daham, Sab-e-Barat depending upon the sighting of the moon, holiday will be declared by a separate order for the date on which the festival would be actually observed in lieu of the date originally notified as holiday for this festival

3) It may happen that the change of date of abovementioned occasions has to be notified at a very short notice. In such a situation, announcement would be made through T.V / A.I.R /News Papers and Heads of Department/ Offices of the State Government may take action according to such announcements without waiting for formal order about the change of date.

By order of the Governor,
Sd/- D. K. Mahapatra
OSD & E.O. Special Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal

Signed Copy


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