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UFBU IBA Meeting 29.02.2020 Status

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Further to our successful 2 days strike on 31st January and 1st February, 2020, today, one more round of bipartite talks was held in IBA office in Mumbai. IBA team was led by Shri Rajkiran Rai G, Chairman of the Negotiating Committee.

After a lot of discussions, the following points emerged today:

  • Offer on Pay slip cost increased to 15%.
  • The demand on 5 Day Banking will be taken forward by further discussions.
  • The demand for loading more than 2% will be considered by a Joint Committee of IBA and UFBU.
  • In addition to 15% offer, encashment of Privilege Leave at 5 days per year.
  • Improvement in Family Pension – matter recommended to Government, will be expedited.
  • On updation, IBA agreed that some improvement in the Pension would be worked out for the retirees of earlier settlements period by working out the cost.
  • Revised offer on PLI was given at 1.37%, 2.74% and 4.11%.

IBA agreed to discuss all other issues through further discussions. In view of these positive developments, all the agitational programmes including the ensuing 3 days strike from 11th March, 2020 stands deferred.

Source : http://aisbof.org/

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