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TN Government restricted Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Tamilnadu government taking various measures to cut the cost expenditure, TN Government released the office memorandum vide G.O. No.249 dated 21st May, 2020 for restriction the travelling allowance and daily allowance

As per the Government Order the following measures shall take effect from the date of issue of orders, until further orders:

The permission for official travel should be given judiciously and restricted only to absolutely essential official requirements. Regular review meetings can be organized through video conferencing and tele-conferencing in a secure environment.

Foreign travel at Government cost is not permitted.

Air travel within the State is not permitted for officials unless the cost of air fare is less than or equal to the cost of eligible train fare.

Journey by air outside the State is also restricted and the Resident Commissioners of Tamil Nadu House in New Delhi shall be deputed to attend Government of India meetings in New Delhi as far as possible.

Travel by air in Executive Class is not permitted for officers of any pay grade.

The permissible rates of Daily Allowance shall be reduced by 25%. Only 75% of eligible amount shall be allowed to be drawn subject to rounding off to next 10 rupees for all categories of officials / non-officials. This will come into effect for the journeys performed after the date of issue of this order.

General transfers shall be kept on hold for 2020-21 to minimize expenditure on transfer travel expenses. Only transfers on administrative grounds by an authority higher than the authority normally empowered to transfer and mutual request transfers will alone be allowed.



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