Terminal Benefits available to Family of a Deceased Government Employee and Process

Terminal Benefits available to Family of a Deceased Government Employee and Process

Following benefits are granted to family on death of a Government servants during service:

(A) For Government employees covered under CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972:

(i) Family Pension
(ii) Death Gratuity,
(iii) Accumulation under General Provident Fund
(iv) Leave encashment
(vi) CGHS or FMA

(B) For Government employees covered under NPS:

(i) Benefit from accumulated pension wealth under NPS or family pension under CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 as per option or default option,
(ii) Death Gratuity,
(iii) Leave Encashment,
(v) CGHS

Necessary Forms to be filled by claimant for benefits:

(i) Family pension – claim in Form 14 of CCS(Pension) Rules
(ii) Death Gratuity- claim in Form 12 of CCS(Pension) Rules
(iii) Leave Encashment, CGEGIS, GPF- No form or application is required
(iv) CGHS- Form prescribed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Family pension and death gratuity for Central Government employees is processed through BHAVISHYA software. Other benefits are granted by HOO to the eligible member(s) through issue of sanction.

For Family pension (In-service death of Government Employee) and Death gratuity following documents are required:

(A) For Family Pension:

i. Death certificate of Government Employee
ii. PAN number of Claimant (Photocopy)
iii. Details of single holder Bank Account of claimant
iv. Address Proof
v. Passport size photo (two)
vi. Two specimen signatures of claimant
vii. Details of height and personal identification
viii. Contact details (Mobile No. and Email (if any))

(B) For Death Gratuity:

i. Death Certificate of Government Employee,
ii. Bank account details of nominee(s),
iii. PAN number of Claimant (Photocopy),
iv. Separate claim for each nominee

(C) For other benefits (Leave encashment, CGEGIS, GPF)

i. Death certificate,
ii. Bank accounts details of claimant

Leave encashment and GPF benefits can be Immediately Sanctioned on receipt of above documents from the claimant.

Process for claim for grant of family pension and death gratuity:

  • Under the BHAVISHYA software, it is the responsibility of the Head of Office to process the grant of family pension and death gratuity to eligible member / nominee.
  • Head of Office will obtain information from eligible member in form 14 and form 12 or in person and fill details in the BHAVISHYA through his login and password. He will upload all necessary documents in the software including photo, signature, certificates etc.
  • Head of Office forward the same through the system (BHAVISHYA) to Pay and Account Office.
  • HOO will forward physical signed documents along with enclosures to PAO.
  • PAO would process the same and forward it to CPAO for issue of SSA. PAO will pay the death gratuity and also send a signed copy of PPO to CPAO.
  • CPAO would send information to Bank for payment of family pension.

Sanction of Provisional Family Pension by Head of Office: ( clarification issued vide DoPPW OM No. 1/11/2020-P&PW (E) Dated 29.7.2020

It has been decided to relax the provisions of rule 80-A of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 to the extent that if a claim for family pension in Form 14 along with death certificate and bank account details of the claimant has been received and the Head of Office is satisfied about the bonafide of that claim, he shall sanction provisional family pension immediately. The Head of Office shall not wait for forwarding of the family pension case (including Form-14, Form-18 and other relevant documents mentioned in Rule 80) to Pay & Accounts Office before sanctioning the provisional family pension.

The amount of provisional family pension shall not exceed the maximum family pension as admissible under Rule 54 of CCS Pension Rules, 1972.

The Pay & Accounts Office shall release the provisional family pension on the basis of sanction order issued by the Head of Office without insisting for any other documents including service book. The provisional family pension shall be paid in the same manner as Pay and Allowances of the establishment are paid.

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