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Tamilnadu Government Order 2013 – New Health Insurance Scheme for Pensioners (including spouse) / Family Pensioners



G.O.No.462, Dated: 27th December, 2013
(Vijaya, Margazhi-12, Thiruvalluvar Aandu-2044)

Pension – Medical Aid – New Health Insurance Scheme for Pensioners (including spouse) / Family Pensioners – Implementation of the Scheme- Orders – Issued.

Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.562, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 11.07.1995.
2. G.O.Ms.No.378, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 13.10.2005.
3. G.O.Ms.No.128, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 12.04.2007.
4. G.O.Ms.No.50, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 19.02.2008.
5. G.O.Ms.No.423, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 25.11.2010.
6. G.O.Ms.No.188, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 9.05.2008.
7. G.O.Ms.No.7, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 6.1.2012.
8. G.O.Ms.No.474, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 30.09.2009.
9. G.O.Ms.No.475, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 30.09.2009.


In the Government Order first read above, the Government have constituted a fund called Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners Health Fund with effect from 1.7.1995 to provide financial assistance to pensioners for undergoing specialized treatment/ surgery when they are affected by major ailments and the maximum limit entitled for the pensioner is Rs.1.00 lakh or 75% of the actual cost of the treatment whichever is less. Subsequently, the above concession was extended to the spouse of the Pensioner with effect from 17.2.2009.

2. In the Budget Speech 2013-2014, the Hon’ble Minister for Finance has announced in the floor of the House to launch a separate Health Insurance Scheme in line with the Government Servants Health Insurance Scheme to reduce the burden of the health related expenses of the pensioners.

3. The Government after careful examination has decided to launch the New Health Insurance Scheme for the Pensioners (including spouse) / Family Pensioners. Accordingly, the Government direct that New Health Insurance Scheme for the Pensioners (including spouse) / Family Pensioners shall be formulated on the following basis:-

i) the New Health Insurance Scheme shall operate on a CASHLESS basis and it shall be made compulsory to all the Pensioners (including spouse) / Family Pensioners.

ii) the quantum of assistance shall be fixed as Rs.2.00 lakh for both Pensioners (including spouse) and Family Pensioners for a block period of four years from the date of the launch of the scheme.

iii) if the spouse of the pensioners is also a pensioner, the recovery of subscription shall be effected from one person only, based on the option exercised by them.

iv) the New Health Insurance Scheme shall be implemented by the Insurance provider finalised from among the Public Sector Insurance provider by following due tender procedure.

v) the New Health Insurance Scheme shall be implemented through the Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts as is being done in the case of New Health Insurance Scheme for the Government Employees.

vi) the amount of the Pensioners contribution to the scheme will be decided after the selection of the Insurance Company and finalisation of the costs.

4. Further modalities / terms and conditions for the New Health Insurance Scheme for the Pensioners (including spouse) / Family pensioners will be issued separately.



Original Order :




  1. I am retired on 31052017.my service only below 10 years.hence pension not eligible for me .new health insurance is eligible how many years for me.

  2. i am a govt pensioner and retired as directer of agriculture i have not taken the policy so far can i eligible now to enroll

  3. My mother is a family pensioner of tamilnadu government please give the recent list of hospitals to undergo treatment under Insurance scheme

  4. Dear sir,
    My parents both are pensioner.the health fund is dedut from my father account only.my doubt is both are get the total insurance value 400000 (200000 plus 200000)? Please reply me

  5. I submitted a reimbursement claim for a medical treatment costing Rs.8312/-It was rejected by the Director of Pension on the ground that I had already availed of the maximum benefit of Rs.100000,, taking into account the claims made from the year 2009.This means that a pensioner can only make a claim up to Rs. 100000 only in his life time. Is this correct ?

  6. We the Pensioners have submitted the forms dully filled in forms as per the Government Order.Kindly inform us the name of the Insurance company so that we can contact it for further actions. Please inform us who will deduct the health fund deduction from our pension. Pension payment officer or Insurance Company who will conduct this and will we be given any Identity Card. Thanks for our Honourable Chief Minister for helping the pensioners in all ways.

  7. Kindly provide me modalities for implementing the New Health Insurance scheme for the pensioners including spouse 2013.Who will control this scheme? Whether the identity card or letter will be issued for the pensioners? Whether any policy will be issued?

  8. Please give me modalities terms and condtions for the new health insurance scheme for pensioners including spouse 2013


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