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SPARSH 04 : Procedure to perform Identification in SPARSH

SPARSH 04 : Procedure to perform Identification in SPARSH

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Pension),
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad – 211014
Email :[email protected]
Circular No. : SPARSH-04
Dated: 14th July 2021

(All HOOs / PAOs)

Sub:- Implementation of web based comprehensive pension package system i.e. SPARSH (System for Pension Administration (Raksha) for Defence Civilian and their families-reg.


Several issues have been noticed while monitoring implementation of SPARSH. These are listed below for your information and necessary corrective action) HOO/PAO users are not completing audit of pension data well in advance causing delay in processing of cases and sanction/payment of pension.

ii) After generation of PPO in death cases, the HOO users are not following up with beneficiaries for completing identification. This leads in delaying release of payment to families.

iii) There appears to be no agreement between HOOs & PAOs regarding submission of documents for Audit of pension data by PAOs creating undue delay in processing of claims.

2. All HOOs/PAOs are therefore advised to follow the procedure to handle above issues, as follows:-

i) All HOOs/PAOs will ensure that retirement order/Pt. II OO for death etc. and service/Medical (where applicable)/Pay details are entered in SPARSH at least 45 days in advance prior to the date of retirement, to get adequate lead time to handle issues raised( if any) in audit or during PDV. However, in all cases it must be ensured that pension is sanctioned before retirement. Similarly, HOO & PAO will ensure that PPO for death-in-service cases is sanctioned within a month after the death of the employee. To deal with point no. iii of Para 1 above, it is advised that HOO will provide all necessary documents to PAO as per their requirement on urgent basis and in case of any doubt HOO & PAO will liaise offline to short out the issue immediately to avoid undue delay processing the claims. Fortnightly discussion should be conducted between HOO and concern PAO to deal all issues of doubt regarding SPARSH. Details of issues discussed and their outcome be reported to this office as well as HQrs. Office through concern Controllers on following email id. [email protected] and [email protected] .

ii) To avoid delay in first payment in respect of family pensioner necessary guidelines for identification is given in Annexure-‘X’.

3. In view of above all HOD/PCDA/CDA are requested to issue instructions for HOOs/PAOs under their administrative control for strict and time bound compliance of above procedures/instructions.

(Abhishek Singh)
Dy. CDA (P)

Dated:- 14/07/2021

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Procedure to perform Identification in SPARSH

[A] Identification through Pensioner login –

(i) After login into pensioner account through userid & password, the link for ‘IDENTIFICATION’ will be available on home page. Ensure that login is done by pensioner themselves and their password are not exposed.

(ii) Click the same and then click button ‘Perform identification’ after selecting radio button for MLC (Option for DLC is not working as of now).

(iii) Thereafter click generate MLC number – a six digit number will appear in box and link for ‘Download MLC’ will appear below that. Download the MLC and print the same.

(iv) Press button ‘Initiate Request’ available below above link. A table will appear below with an action button at last column of the table. Ensure this table is generated to upload the MLC with generated number which is available on MLC downloaded form. In case the pensioner get logout, this request will be available in their login to process further only if the Initiate Request button is clicked.

(v) The downloaded certificate may be signed by any gazetted officer. Scan the signed certificate in PDF format. Please ensure that all fields are filled properly and completely & PDF created is legible and correctly scanned.

(vi) Go to the action button mentioned at point (iv) above and click it. In case, the pensioner gets logout, the table will be available after completing action at point (ii) and no need to generate MLC again. Complete the details of officer who has identified the pensioner and upload the MLC at the end.

(vii) After submitting the same, certain declaration will come along with their bank detail of the pensioner which has to be confirmed/completed.

(viii) Please ensure that token number is generated at the end of identification. Status of this request could be viewed from link TRACK SERVICE REQUEST available on home page of pensioners’ login.

[B] Identification through Service Centre-

(i) Pensioner will not be compelled to share their login credential to Service Centre executives. Login will be done by Service Centre executives with their own login credentials and only identifier viz. PPO number or GFP numbers should be asked from pensioners.

(ii) An OTP will be received on the mobile number of pensioner and Service Centre will proceed after entering the same in SPARSH. The subsequent process for completing identification will be same as [A] above.

(iii) Service Centre executive will do all action in concurrence with pensioner and also make his screen visible to them.

(iv) The token number generated after completing the process shall be shared to the pensioners for their record.

[C] Identification through Jeevan Pramaan –

SPARSH has been incorporated as a Pension Disbursing Agency in Jeevan Pramaan. All SPARSH users are advised to perform the identification of pensioners either through MLC or Jeevan Pramaan ( by selecting Pension Disbursing Agency as SPARSH) MODE. While registering the Pensioner through Jeevan Pramaan please select the following through dropdown

Sanctioning Authority Name –“Defence- PCDA(P) Allahabad”

Disbursing Agency Name:– “ SPARSH-PCDA (Pension) Allahabad”

Agency Name- “ SPARSH-PCDA (Pension) Allahabad”.

Click here to download PDF copy here

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  1. Hello Sir,My name is gurdev singh thind and my PCDA allahabad number is SC/009136/1985.My contact information and email address is not up to dated in bank.Sent mail to bank,PCDA allahabad with no response.Sent live certificate to bank .I am in USA unable to come due to health issues .how to update adahar number and mobile information

  2. Dear Sir,
    Please help us my mother (Mrs Dan kaur Devi) is old age she get pension from sbi bank a/c xxxx, in sept pension was stopped, adhar and mobile number not update in bank account.

    how to update mobile number and adhar number in pension account and as well as sparsh portel for login.

    thanks & Regards

    Virendra Singh son of Dan kaur Devi

  3. Respected Sir,
    I am retired from Indian ARMY (corps of Signals) on 01/03/2013 and my P.P.O. No. is S/058031/2012(ARMY) dated 09 January 2013.
    But till date I am not received any SMS or Mail from Sparsh for further generate User ID and Password. I am submit Jeevan Praman at SBI bank with above mentioned P.P.O. number. This is correct or not. Please provide OTP for enroll SPARSH ID. my contact No. is 9641656469.

  4. Sir, I , was retired from Indian Army.
    I am drawing pension from Bank
    Through PCDA (p) Allahabad since
    Nov 1982.
    As on to day, I am in USA and under
    gone a big surgery( spine fusion & )
    On 10 th Oct 22. How to submit jeevan
    Praman to u.I am unable to travel to
    India few more months.
    Kindly advise


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