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Implementation of second penalty imposed during the currency of first penalty: DOPT O.M

Implementation of second penalty imposed during the currency of first penalty

No. 11012/11/2018-Estt.A-III
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
(Establishment A-III Desk)

North Block, New Delhi – 110001
Dated 28th October, 2022


Subject: Implementation of second penalty imposed during the currency of first penalty – regarding

It has come to the notice of this Department that the Departments are facing difficulties in implementation of second penalty (or multiple penalties) on serving charged officers during the currency of first penalty.

2. The issue has been considered in this Department and it has been decided that all the Disciplinary Authorities should clearly indicate in the punishment order whether the two penalties (or multiple penalties) would run concurrently or consecutively, while awarding second or subsequent penalties during the currency of earlier penalty/penalties. It is, however, clarified that where, such a specific mention has not been made, the two/ all penalties should run concurrently and the higher penalty, even though ordered later, should be implemented immediately and after expiry of its period, if the currency of the period of earlier punishment still continues, the same may be implemented for the balance period. In this context, a few illustrations are also annexed for ease of comprehension.

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3. Ministries/ Departments are requested to ensure that these instructions are conveyed to all concerned.

4. Hindi version follows.

(A K Gopal)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

All Ministries / Departments of the Government of India

Illustration 1

A Government servant was drawing Basic Pay of Rs.65,200/- in Level 9 (Cell No.8) with next date of increment being 1st July, 2019.

1st Penalty: Vide Order dated 13.08.2018 a penalty of reduction to a lower stage by one stage in the time-scale of pay for a period four years, with further directions that the Government servant shall earn increment of pay during the period of such reduction and on the expiry of such period, the reduction will not have the effect of postponing his future increments was imposed. (Penalty period w.e.f. 13.08.2018 to 12.08.2022).

2nd Penalty: Vide Order dated 10.12.2018, penalty of reduction to a lower timescale of pay [Level 8] for a period of two years is imposed with further direction that the period of reduction to time scale of pay shall not operate to postpone future increment of his pay. (Penalty period w.e.f. 10.12.2018 to 09.12.2020).

Event Basic Pay 1st  Penalty 2nd Penalty
Pay immediately before
imposition of 1st penalty i.e. on 12.08.2018
[Level 9 (Cell No. 8)]
Pay w.e.f. 13.08.2018 on
imposition of 1st  penalty
Level 9 (Cell No.7)
Pay on imposition of 2nd penalty w.e.f. 10.12.2018*      *Rs. 62,200/- Level 8 (Cell No.10)
Pay on 01.07.2019 – Annual Increment Notional
Level 9 (Cell No.9)
Level 9 (Cell No.8)
Rs. 64,100/- Level 8 (Cell No.11)
Pay on 01.07.2020 –
Annual Increment Till 09.12.2020
Level 9 (Cell No.10)
Level 9 (Cell No.9)
Level 8 (Cell No.12)
Pay on 10.12.2020 –
(end of 2nd  penalty and continuation of 1st   penalty)
Level 9 (Cell
Pay on 01.07.2021 Notional
Rs.71,300/- Level 9 (Cell No.11) 
Rs.69,200/- Level 9, (Cell No.10)   
Pay on 01.07.2022
Till 12.08.2020 
Notional Rs.73,400/-
Level 9 (Cell No.12) 
Rs.71,300/- Level 9 (Cell No.11)  
Pay on 13.08.2022
(on end 1st penalty) 
Rs.73,400/- Level 9 (Cell No.12)     

* Assuming that the Government servant was promoted from Level 8 to Level 9 w. e. f. 10.10.2016 and his pay was fixed on promotion under F. R. 22 (I) (a) (1).

Regulation of his pay on imposition of 2nd penalty:

Date Pay in Level 8  Pay in Level 9 
09.10.2016 (immediately prior to his promotion) Level 8 (Cell No.8) Rs.58,600/-  
10.10.2016 on
promotion to Level 9 
Rs.58,600/- (Notional) Rs.61500/- 
01 .07.2017 – Annual Increment Rs.60,400/- (Notional)  Rs.63,300/- 
01.07.2018 – Annual
Rs.62,200/- (Notional)  Rs.65,200/- 
Pay as on the date of 2nd penalty i.e. 10.12.2018  Rs.62,200/-  

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