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Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners / family pensioners – Railway Board


No. 2016/(E)UM/1(1)/7

New Delhi, dated: 27.11.2020.

The GMs/Principal Financial Advisors,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units (etc),
(As per mailing list)

Sub:- Implementation of Government’s decisions on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc.

A copy of Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare (DOP&PW)’s O.M. No.38/02(01)/2020-P&PW/(A)(6827) dated 12.11.2020 on the above subject is enclosed for information and guidance. The DOP&PW’’s O.M. No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 12.12.2018 mentioned in para 16.0 of the Annexure to O.M. dated 12.11.2020 may be read as O.M. dated 21.12.2018.

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2. The Railway Board’s instructions corresponding to DOP&PW’s instructions referred to in their aforesaid O.M. dated 12.11.2020 are given below:-

Sl.No. DOP&PW’s instructions Corresponding instructions of Railway Board
1. 8/37/2016-P&PW(A)(ii) dated 04.08.2016 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 10.08.2016
2. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 12.05.2017 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 22.05.2017
3. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 06.07.2017 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 11.07.2017
4. 8/33/12-P&PW/(A) dated 09.07.2019 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 11.07.2019
5. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A)(ili) dated 11.09.2017 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 24.10.2017
6. 1/4/2016-P&PW(F) dated 12.10.2017 F(E)11/2008/PN1/20 dated 30.11.2017
7. 4/34/2017-P&PW(D) dated 19.07.2017 PC-V/2016/A/Med/1(FMA) dated 28.07.2017
8. 1/4/2017-P&PW(F) dated 02.08.2017 F(E)III/2009/PN1/6 dated 22.08.2017 )
9. 1/4/2017-P&PV(F) dated 03.10.2017 F(E)III/2009/PN1/6 dated 08.11.2017
10. 4/34/2002-P&PW(D)Vol.|I dated 23.06.2017 F(E)III/2005/PN1/23 dated 13.07.2017
11. 8/49/16-P&PW(A) dated 12.02.2018 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 06.03.2018
12. 8/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 22.06.2020 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 02.07.2020
13. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 18.01.2019 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 07.03.2019
14. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 21.12.2018 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 dated 26.02.2019


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(G. Priya Sudarsani)
Director, Finance (Estt.)
Railway Board

Signed Copy

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