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Revised CGHS Contribution and Ward Entitlement

Revised CGHS Contribution and Ward Entitlement

F. No. S.11011/11/2016-CGHS(P)/EHS
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
(EHS Section)

Dated, the 28th October, 2022
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi


Subject: Revision of rates of subscription under Central Government Health Scheme due to revision of pay and allowances of Central Government employees and revision of pension/ family pension on account of implementation of recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

In partial modification to this Ministry’s O.M. of even number dated gth January, 2017, the undersigned is directed to say that entitlement of wards in private hospitals empanelled under CGHS as contained in Para 3(B) of the O.M. ibid stands revised as under with effect from the date of issue of this O.M. :

Sl.No.Corresponding Basic Pay drawn by Officer in 7th CPC per monthWard Entitlement
1Upto Rs. 36,500General
2Rs.36,501 to Rs.50,500Semi-Private
3Above Rs. 50,500Private

2. This issues with the concurrence of the Department of Expenditure vide their I.D. Note No. 18(1)/EV/2016 dated 11th May, 2022 read with I.D. Note dated 6th October, 2022.

3. Hindi Version follows.

(Guite Elsy Thang Biak Lun)

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