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Reservation on Railway Passes/PTOs

Reservation on Railway Passes/PTOs

RAILWAY BOARD (रेलवे बोर्ड)


New Delhi, dated 12.10.2022

General Managers,
All Zonal Railways.

CRIS Chanakyapuri,New Delhi

Sub: Reservation on Railway Passes/PTOs

Ref: Letter No. 94/TG-I/20/P/14 dated 28.08.2009 (CC No. 39 of 2009)

Instructions were issued vide letter referred to above, stipulating detailed guidelines on booking of tickets on railway Passes. Consequent to introduction of facility for online booking of reserved tickets on railway Passes/PTOs issued through HRMS and also on receipt of requests for revising the guidelines for ticket booking on PTOs, the matter has been reviewed and it has been decided that the procedure to be followed for booking reserved tickets on the authority of Railway Pass/PTO will be as under:-

  1. Pass/PTO holders or their representatives should present their passes/PTO along with the requisitions duly filled in to the Reservation Clerk who will issue ticket on realization of due fare, if any, and make endorsement on the face of the pass/PTO indicating the PNR number, the train number, date of journey, status of tickets, etc.
  2. The option to book reserved tickets online on the authority of Railway Pass/PTOs can also be availed for that category of pass/PTO for which the same has been provided by CRIS/IRCTC.
  3. Holders of Privilege, Duty, Post Retirement, Complimentary, Metal and other passes/PTOs may be allowed to seek fresh reservation only if the earlier reservation is cancelled before preparation of first reservation charts. The ticket booked across the computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter can also be cancelled through website of IRCTC within the stipulated time period prescribed in the Refund Rules. In such cases, it will not be mandatory to surrender the ticket across the PRS counter, if no refund is due. However, in case of due refund amount involved on tickets booked on pass/PTOs, surrender of original ticket across the reservation counter within the prescribed time limit shall be mandatory.
  4. In case of confirmed reservation on privilege, Post retirement, complimentary and other passes/PTOs, the pass/PTO holder can make maximum three time reservations provided the earlier one has been cancelled before preparation of first reservation charts, failing which the the pass/PTO will be treated as used.
  5. There will be no restriction in number of cancellations in case of Duty Pass, Metal Pass and in case of tickets having a status of fully/partially waiting list (at the time of cancellation) against Privilege, Post Retirement and Complimentary passes/PTOs. However, fresh reservation will be given only after the earlier one has been cancelled within the normal prescribed time limits, which at present for waitlist/ RAC/ partially confirmed tickets 1s 30 minutes before scheduled departure of train.
  6. Telephonic requests for reservation and cancellation will not be entertained.
  7. The portion of break journey will be treated as separate journey i.e. instructions contained at para (iii) and (iv) will be applicable for each leg of journey Separately.
  8. It will be the responsibility of officer/staff making reservation on Metal/Duty Passes to ensure that between the same stations and on the same date, reservation should not be made in two separate trains.
  9. The facility of modification of tickets booked on PTOs will not be available.
  10. In case of PTOs, cancellation/clerkage charge as applicable shall be levied on each time of cancellation as per existing principles on cancellation of tickets booked on PTOs. However, after enabling of this option no modification option shall be allowed on PTOs issued across HRMS.

2. CRIS will make necessary modifications in the software as required.

3. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned accordingly.

Signed by Sanjay Manocha
Date: 12-10-2022 11:04:54
(Sanjay Manocha)
Director Passenger Marketing-I
Room no. 415-A, Railway Board
New Delhi-110001
Ph. No.:011-23047367

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