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Reimbursement of Briefcase allowance in the Defence Accounts Department – CGDA

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Satar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt- 110010

No. AN/14/14114/III/JCM/Briefcase

Dated: 29.05.2020



All PCsDA/CsDA/PCA (Fys)
(Through Website)

Sub : Reimbursement of Briefcase allowance in the Defence Accounts Department.

Sanction of the Ministry of Defence (Fin.) is hereby conveyed for revision of rates and entitlement for reimbursement of briefcase allowances to the Officers and Staff of DAD as follows. The revised rates/ entitlement will be effective from 01st June 2020:-

Level of Officers/ Officials (Ministry) Level of Officers/ Officials (DAD) Level (7th CPC) Rates (Rs.)
Secretary/ Special Secretary CGDA Level-17 10000/-
Addl. Secretary & equivalent Addl.   CGDA/   PCsDA/   PIFA and equivalent Level-16/ 15 8000/-
Joint Secretary & equivalent CsDA/ IFAs and equivalent Level-14 6500/-
Director/ Dy. Secy./Sr. PPS & equivalent Addl. CsDA/Jt. CsDA and equivalent Level-13/ 12 5000/-
Under Secretary/ PPS & equivalent DCsDA/ PPSs and equivalent Level-11 4000/-
Desk Officer/ Section Officer & equivalent ACsDA/ADs (OL)/Sr.AOs/AOs/ AAOs/SPSs and equivalent Level-10-8 4000/-
Assistant Section Officer/ PA or equivalent PS Senior Translation Officer and equivalent  Staff  in the  Grade  pay Rs. 4600/- and above. Level-7 3500/-
Senior Secretariat Assistant (SSA) Steno or equivalent with made pay Rs. 4200 and above. Sr. Auditor/ DEO-C/ Steno-I/ Junior Translation Officer in the Grade pay Rs. 4200/- and above. Level-6 3500/-

2. The sanction is being conveyed within the existing budget and no additional allocation would be made on this account.

3. The officers/ staff entitled for Briefcase allowance can purchase briefcase/ office bag/ ladies purses of their own choice from any private/ public outlet. However, the reimbursement shall be restricted to the above mentioned ceiling limits.

4. The reimbursement for briefcase allowance shall be made to the entitled officers/ staff on joining the Department or on completion of three years from the date of issue of earlier one.

(Rajeev Ranjan Kumar)

Signed Copy

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