Railway Orders 2023

Railway Orders 2023

List of Important Railway Orders released in 2023

Order Date Order Number Subject
07/11/2023 RBE No: 121/2023 Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners / family pensioners from July 2023: Railway Board
25/10/2023 RBE No. 119/2023 Grant of ad-hoc bonus to the Group ‘C’ RPF/RPSF personnel for 2022-23: Railway Board Order
23/10/2023 RBE No:118/2023 DA to Railway employees from July 2023: Railway Board Order
05/10/2023 RBE No. 111/2023 Instructions on Risk Allowance to Railway Employees: RBE No. 111/2023 dated 05.10.2023
10/07/2023 No. PC-V1/2020/Misc./01 Grant of notional increment (as due on 1st July) for the pensionary benefit : Railway Board
04/07/2023 No. P[R] 535/XIII Upgradation of Pay structure of certain cadres – Implementation of Reservation policy: Railway Board
15/05/2023 RBA No. 16/2023 Disbursement of Railway Pension through Private Sector Banks: RBA No. 16/2023
11/05/2023 RBE No. 69/2023 7th Pay Commission: Fixation of pay of State Government Employees on appointment – RBE No. 69/2023
26/04/2023 RBE No.: 60/2023 Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners from Jan 2023: RBE ORDER
20/04/2023 No. F(E)I/2003/PF-1/1 State Railway Provident Fund Interest Rate from April 2023 to June 2023
20/04/2023 RBE No. 58/2023 6th CPC DA to Railway Employees from Jan 2023: RBE ORDER
17/04/2023 RBE No 54/2023 Change of name by pensioner/family pensioner: RBE ORDER
10/04/2023 RBE No: 50/2023 Dearness Allowance to Railway employees from 01.01.2023: RBE Order
03/04/2023 File No. PC-VII/2023/HRMS/3 Timelines for completion of APAR to Railway Employees for 2022-23
10/03/2023 RBE No 41/2023 Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of NPS for Railway employees
28/02/2023 RBE No. 38/2023 Railway Board Clarification on date of effectiveness of Ration Money Allowance during WRIIL and CCL
01/02/2023 RBE No.21/2023 Compassionate Ground Appointment to spouse/ward/dependent of Railway employees: RBE ORDER
17/01/2023 RBE No. 16/2023 Implementation of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016: RBE No. 16/2023

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