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Provision of laptop to Gazetted Officers in Indian Railways


No.2011/C&IS/ Committee/Laptops/ Pt.II

Dated: 08-05-2020

The General Managers
All Indian Railways,
CORE & Production Units

Director Generals
NAIR, Vadodara
RDSO, Lucknow


Director Generals/ Directors,
All Centralised Training Institutes

Sub : Provision of laptop to Gazetted Officers in Indian Railways.

Ref: (1) This office letter No.2011/C&IS/Committee/Laptops/Pt.II dated 23/01/2012
(2) Transformation Cell’s Letter no 2018/Transf.Cell/Mech/Misc dated 02.01.2019
(3) This office letter no 2011/C&IS/Committee/ Laptops/Pt. II dated 19/12/2019
(4) This office letter no.2011/C&IS/Committee/Laptop/Pt-II dated 12/02/2020

Policy guidelines for provision of Laptops/ Notebooks to all Gazetted officers were laid down vide letters referred as above. The Board (MT & FC) has considered various technological developments in this field and felt the need for a change in the policy. Accordingly, this policy is issued incorporating various changes issued from time to time and will supersede all earlier policy letters referred above.


1.1 For the purpose of this policy; Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Netbook Computer, Notepad, Ultra-note book are considered in the same class. They are referred to as ‘Laptop’ in this policy.

1.2 The codal life of the Laptop provided under this policy will be considered as Four (4) years.

1.3 The Laptop to be provided to the eligible officer shall be treated as official equipment of the Railway in possession of the officer. A serving officer is entitled to purchase a Laptop irrespective of his/ her remaining service. Safety, Security (including official data) and upkeep of the Laptop shall be the responsibility of the officer concerned.

1.4 The Laptop shall be completely owned by the Railways till such time the officer deposits its residual value or codal life is over and the officer takes ownership of the same as laid down in this policy.

1.5 All aspects of this policy shall also be applicable on existing Laptops which were provided as per earlier letters referred as above, except the cost ceiling amount. The cost ceiling amount will be effective from the date of issue of this policy letter.

1.6 This policy shall be applicable to all Gazetted Officers of Railway Units, Railway Board, and officers of other Govt departments posted on deputation to Railway Board or various Railway units.


2.1 For procuring Laptop:

2.1.1 Procurement of Laptop shall be done by the officer concerned directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or their authorized outlet/distributors by paying the amount himself/ herself, and then claim for reimbursement thereof.

2.1.2 ‘Laptop’ includes its Accessories and Standard Software [Standard software – Any Software (Operating system, Antivirus software or MS-office etc)] that is essential for the running of devices towards discharge of official functions I duties. Accessories may be purchased alongwith the Laptop or anytime later during its codal life.

2.1.3 ‘Laptop’ is official equipment in addition to the Desktop PC in Office or any other computing devices provided except under this policy.

2.1.4 Only one such reimbursement will be allowed once in 4 years. Next procurement for serving officials will be allowed only after completion of 4 years from the last purchased date as mentioned in his/her service book

2.1.5 The eligibility and the total cost ceiling for purchase and maintenance of Laptop (including the equipment bare cost, warranty/extended warranty, **accessories, Standard software, AMC contract cost, repair & maintenance etc during its codal life) exclusive of applicable taxes shall be as indicated below:-

Eligibility   for Gazetted Officer Cost ceiling amount for Official
Laptop (exclusive of annlicable taxes)
Officer in Confirmed JA Grade and above. Rs.  85000/-  (Eighty Five Thousand) Officer in ‘Confirmed JA Grade’ shall not include officers holding adhoc or temporary capacity in JA Grade or looking after the current duties of JA Grade without being confirmed in JA Grade. **Subject to the condition that the cost of the accessories shall not
exceed an amount of Rs 25,000(Twenty Five Thousands) inclusive of all Taxes.
Gazetted Officer below Confirmed JA Grade. Rs. 45,000/-  (Forty Five Thousand) **Subject to the condition that the cost
of the accessories shall not exceed an amount of Rs 13,000 (Thirteen Thousands) inclusive of all Taxes.
Probationary Officer of Group ‘A’ Railway Services under training. Rs. 45,000/-  (Forty Five Thousand) The Laptop provided to the Probationary Officer shall continue to be in his/ her possession during the training period. It shall be carried by the Probationer upon completion of training to his/ her working post.

**Subject to the condition that the cost of the accessories shall not exceed an amount of Rs 13,000 (Thirteen Thousands) inclusive of all Taxes.

2.16 Repair & Maintenance:– The officer concerned shall take into account the scope of warranty/extended warranty and/or AMC contract available for the Laptop while incurring expenditure on its repair & maintenance during its coda! life to avoid any Reimbursement claim of any duplicate expenditure shall be summarily rejected.


3.1 Eligible officer who procures Laptop himself/herself may club the cost of Laptop, accessories, Standard software, AMC contract/extended warranty etc over the specified life of the Laptop and the total amount can be claimed through single invoice subject to the terms and conditions as well as monetary limit laid down in this policy.

3.2 The officer must give an undertaking at the time of claiming reimbursement that:­

I. The rates are reasonable;
II. The Laptop has been actually procured & maintained by him/her; and
III. The reimbursed amount is liable to be recovered from him/her in case of false declaration detected at a later date.
IV The applicable residual has been deposited in PFA/PAO office in the manner and form acceptable to them and money receipt is attached.

3.3 The claim for reimbursement will be entertained subject to :-

I. The payment for purchase of the Laptop is done in Indian Currency (Rupee). Any claim in which payment is made in any currency other than Indian Rupee will not be etertained.

II. The delivery of the device(s) has been taken in Any claim in which deliver has been taken outside India will not be entertained.

3.4 The Railways will neither be responsible nor liable for any contractual, legal and statutory issues arising out of the purchase/repair & maintenance of the Laptop.

3.5 The complete onus of ensuring and certifying authenticity and correctness of the submitted documents at the time of reimbursement claim shall lie with the concerned officer claiming reimbursement and not with the sanctioning authority.


4.1 The Laptop shall continue to be in possession of the officer and cannot be returned to the office under any It has to be carried by the officer with him/ her upon transfer, deputation, retirement and leaving the organisation permanently etc.

4.2 The office providing the Laptop shall ensure entry of the details in the Service Record & LPC of the officer provided with the In addition, the office shall maintain necessary records as may be required to be provided to the officer at the time of transfer/ deputation/ posting to another office/ retirement etc.

4.3 On completion of coda! life period of the Laptop of the officer including probationary officer, the entry will be deemed to be removed from the service record of the Subsequently, the officer can purchase new Laptop, as per his/ her eligibility as per the policy at that time, whose details shall then be entered in the Service Record of the officer.

4.4 In case of transfer of the officer outside the Organization on deputation, the officer concerned has an option to be exercised before the LPC (Last Pay Certificate) is issued: –

(a) To treat the Laptop as owned by the officer till his/her return to the Railway Organization, with due entries made in the service book & LPC of the officer;


(b) To pay the residual value of the Laptop as on that date so that the entry is removed from his/her service record. His / her next entitlement for procurement of laptop in Railway Organisation will be governed by Para-2.1.4.

4.5 The officer, including Probationary officer, leaving the Organization on retirement or on permanent basis has to deposit the residual value of the Laptop with the Railways to “”‘ obtain clearance from the organization, and has to own the Then the Laptop will be written off from the service record of the concerned officer.

4.6 Under no circumstance, the condemnation or write-off etc of the official Laptops is permitted under this policy.


5.1 The depreciation rate of the Laptop (including accessories) over and beyond the coda! life period shall be as under:-

Depreciation Rate after the end of   year(s):
Year l Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
50% 25% 10% 5%

5.2 To determine residual value of the Laptop, the actual purchase price of the single invoice or the corresponding ceiling amount, whichever is lower, shall be

5.3 The cost of accessories, even if they have been purchased anytime later during the coda! life of the Laptop, will be treated as if they have been purchased along with the Laptop and their coda! life will also be co-terminus with that of the The residual value of the accessories shall also be added to determine the residual value of the Laptop.

5.4 To determine depreciation for a part of the year; first, divide the proportionate depreciation prescribed for that year by 12 to determine rate of depreciation per month and multiply this per month depreciation rate with the number of completed months for arriving at a value for that particular month within that This shall be proportionally added to the cumulative depreciation prior to that year, to arrive at the final depreciation. However, a chart for calculation of the residual valued of Laptop for completed month-wise is attached herewith for ready reference purpose.

5.5 Illustrations to determine the residual value of the Laptop (including accessories) where a part year is involved is given below:-

Case A: For an Eligible Officer in JAG & above and applicable Tax is GST @18% : –

  • Assuming Single Invoice Value (including Standard Software, AMC & Truces etc) = 75,000/-
  • Cost of Accessories purchased within one year = 5000/- (including taxes).
  • Depreciation After!st year = 50%
  • Depreciation after J S months = 50% + (25% 3/12) = 56.25%.
  • Residual value after 15 months = Rs.80,000 -(56.25/100 * Rs.80000) = Rs.35,000/-.

Case B: For an Eligible Officer in below Confirmed JAG & applicable Tax is GST @18% : –

  • Assuming Single Invoice Value (including Accessories, AMC & Truces etc) = 60,000/-
  • Ceiling limit for below Confirmed JA Grade officer = 45000/- + Applicable taxes i.e. 18% GST
  • Depreciation After I year = 50%.
  • Depreciation After IInd year = 50 % + 25%.
  • Depreciation after 26 months = 50% + 25 % + (10 % * 2/12) = 76.66%
  • Residual value after 26 months = Rs.53,100 -(76.66/100 * Rs.53,100) = Rs.12,394/-.


6.1 Purchase of Laptops other than those specified in this policy shall continue to be governed by Delegation of Power on Information Technology related matters No.2006/C&IS/OTH/Delegation of Powers/36-Pt dated 11/02/2012 (Last Modified vide Transformation Cell letter 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Go Digital dated 03/10/2019) modified from time to time and requires explicit permission of Railway Board even if they are sanctioned I provided in any estimates.

6.2 Unless specified otherwise, this policy or a part thereof shall not be applicable on Laptops procured under any other policy provision/estimate. For such equipments, extant practice of maintenance & disposal etc of the office equipment shall be

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Encl: Residual value chart for Laptop.

(Rajnesh Singh)
Director MECC&IS)


Calculation of Residual Value of Laptops in Percentage as per Laptop Policy No 2011/C&IS/Committee/Laptops/pt.ll dtd 08.05.2020
Running Year Completed Month(s) Residual Value in % age
Year 1 1 95.83
2 91.67
3 87.5
4 83.33
5 79.17
6 75
7 70.83
8 66.67
9 62.5
10 58.33
11 54.17
12 50
Year 2 13 47.92
14 45.83
15 43.75
16 41.67
17 39.58
18 37.5
19 35.42
20 33.33
21 31.25
22 29.17
23 27.08
24 25
Year 3 25 24.17
26 23.33
27 22.5
28 21.67
29 20.83
30 20
31 19.17
32 18.33
33 17.5
34 16.67
35 15.83
36 15
Year 4 37 14.58
38 14.17
39 13.75
40 13.33
41 12.92
42 12.5
43 12.08
44 11.67
45 11.25
46 10.83
47 10.42
48 10

Signed Copy



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