Promotion – MACP OPTION FORM Calculator

Promotion – MACP OPTION FORM Calculator


  1. I joined as defence civilian on 24/07/2006. my MACP is due on 24/07/2016. I want to have 7th cpc fixation after availing MACP under 6th cpc on 24/07/2016 and annual increment on 01/07/2016. It it possible to have this because it more beneficial to me by one level in 6th CPC. waiting for your valuable suggestion.

  2. Sir, As everybody knows employees DOB 1.1.1956 and forced to retire on 31.12.2015 and lost all the 7th pay commission benefit for one day, person retired on 31.12.2015 is on duty that day and his/her calculation as pensioner fron same day, it is so obvious how can it is working day and pensioner same day, so many committees working on this and not considering the same. Is there anybody to give justice to all these pensioners they may get benefit. Thanks

  3. I am a teacher (Raj govt) my basic on 01-01-2016 is 19170(PB+GP) (grade pay 4200) and 2 acp falls on 12-07-2017 ,so please give a guide line to me .Which step is profitable to me. (option date). 1. 01-01-2016. 2. 01-07-2016. 3. 01-07-2017. Or. 4. 12-07-2017

  4. I have got third rate of macp wef 10 jul 16. My pay as on 31 dec 15 was 10540+2800=13340. Now after taking of mscp my grade pay is 4200 wef 10 jul 16. Please tell. How much is my pay and which option is better.

  5. Sir

    My MACP is due on 22nd July 2017. As per latest OMs or After 7th CPC how will my pay be fixed. Will I have the option to choose my Date of next increment as January -2017 as per OM dated 27th July -2017. Can anybody clarify on this. I will be grateful.

  6. Sir, I have joined govt office June 20, 1996. I was due for ACP from June 20, 2008.I was sanctioned ACP very late wef June 20, 2008 in the month of August 2016. Now I was granted 2nd MACP this month i.e. September 2017. Due to late sanctin of MACP I couldn’t take any decision regarding the 7th pay commission pay fixation. As 2nd MACP is granted in September 2017 can I now revise to Option II from Option I as my MACP date falls between 1.1.2016 and 25.7.2017? Please help and guide me.

  7. I get promotion on 2-8-16 can I take 7th p.c. after my MACP/promotion, I gat promotion from 2800 g p to 4200 g p that means I stay in 6th pay commission still 1-8-16 and taking promotional benefits in6th p.c. and up grade to 7th p.c. on or after 2-8-16 ..Is it possible? Will not talking areair in this period please reply me ? If any body now this please reply me Thanking you.

  8. I was granted macp 2 in the month of February 2017 from 2800 to 4200 basic pay fixed from Rs.44100 to 46200/- further not granted increment in the month of july 2017. Kindly explain this fixation is correct. or not.

  9. Sir I Have joined govt office 23 February 1999 in 4500 scale and now got promotion from back date i.e. 15 July 2004. My basic in February 2004 after increment was 5250

    1. What options were available that time and

    2. which is beneficiary to me to opt promotion date or date of next increment i.e. February 2005.

    3. And kindly illustrate the same.

    4. When the MACP due and how it will be fixed.

    5. As per sixth CPC scale is upgraded to 4600 grade pay.

  10. Sir, on31/12/15 my Basic Pay 15460 (12660+2800GP)PAYBAND 5200-20200+2800GP IN 6CPC.MY 3rd MACP AFTER 30 YEARS 07-03-2016 .GP2800 TO 4200.So Please guide me My MACP OPTION & detail my fixation 7th cpc 01-07-2016.Kindly guide me.

  11. Sir,I was granted 3rd macp on 11.04.2017 , I want to opt for fix my pay w.e.f. 01.07.2017 date of annual increment as per 7th cpc pay matrix. but my office deny for this . His comments are ‘ there are no rule for exercise option for pay fixation on macp as per 7th cpc.’ Please clarifyin this regard. Thanks.

  12. Sir, I got macp on 18/04/2017 effected from 02/05/2017. My pay fixed according to 7th cpc but I exercise option 2 to pay fix from date of next increment i.e from 1.7.2016. Now I want to knòw can I get pay fixation according to 6th cpc without exercise further option . Your kind guidance will be hìghly appreciated.

    • Sir, I am got 1st MACP & 2nd MACP, but my dues one increment before 6CPC .according to rule of Min. of Finance on 24.5.2013 one increment will be eligible whose basic pay was February to June , my Basic Pay was April. Sir, shall I eligible one Increment. On that time I was in Gr.-D post, and I have no knowledge on that time.

  13. Sir I am granted to 2nd MACP in May 2017 in the Level-6 . Which opetion is beneficial to me kindly guide me .Thanking You

  14. Sir, my MACP due date is 19/12/2015 so please guide me my MACP option & detail my fixation and I received TA Rs. 800+DA their on sir my new TA according to 7th CPC

    • 7th CPC : If you ar from Higher TPTA city, you will be eligible for 1404, incase other places – 936.

      6th CPC – Higher TPTA – 3600, for other places – 1600

      When compare to 6th CPC , your 7th CPC TA will be less. May be this problem will be sorted out in anomaly committee.

  15. Sir, I completed 30 years service on 02.08.2016. Accordingly granted 3rd MACP. Now, I would like to take option to draw MACP arrears in 7th CPC w.e.f 01.07.2016. What is my basic pay as on 01.07.2016 in 7th CPC? Kindly intimate me. I am in interest to draw pay in 6th CPC, after getting promotional increment on 02 Aug 2016, my pay has to be fixed on 01.07.2016. My basic pay as on 31.12.2015 Rs.13600.00 with grade pay Rs.4200.00, after adding increments as on 02.08.2016, my pay become Rs.14690.00 with grade pay Rs.4600.00. As per 7th CPC, my Basic pay as on 01.07.2016 Rs.50500.00 with DNI 01.07.2017. Correct or not? Kindly confirm. With regards Thank you.


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