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  1. I am not getting emails from IGE CORNER: either orders/OM’s/Letters. Earlier i use to get. But i don’t know suddenly it was stopped. Can you resume it again please.

  2. Sir,Myself and my spouse both central govt employees joined service in the year january 1985 on 3/01/1985 and 10/01/1985.I wanted to get clarification regarding CGEIS as to which year will be counted for CGEIS payment due on subscription 1985 or 1986.Since accounts office 1986 but order dt.07/09/2020 issued of DOE,MOF states otherwise.Kindly clarify in this matter


    METHOD OF FIXATION OF PAY {MACP GRANTED w.e.f.1-11-2015 with DNI Option which falls on 1-7-2016(New Scale w.e.f.1-1-2016)]

    I have been granted 3rd MACP on 1-11-2015 vide order dated 20-08-2019 with pay fixation either on 1-11-2015 or on Date of next increment i.e. on 1-7-2016 which comes under 7th Pay Scale as I have already been brought under New 7th Pay Scale from 1-1-2016 by virute of my option given during August 2016 at the time of implemention of 7th CPC.

    I wish to get my Pay fixed on DNI i.e. 1-7-2016.
    To get the Pay fixed on DNI i.e. on 1-7-2016 , whether the New CCS(RP)Rules, 2016 is applicable or old 6th CPC CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 is applicable for the MACP granted w.e.f. 1-11-2015.

    Kindly clarify

    • As promoted/granted MACP before 01/01/2016, if u opted to take benefit from next DNI i.e. from July 2016,new scale will be applicable from 01/07/2016 after re-fixation ,first increment in lower scale (3%) and than another increment on it. After this fixation you will brought in new scale as per prescribed manner. You calculate it if it is beneficial for u than only switch over after getting increment otherwise u have to opt seventh CPC from Jan 2016 as usual after promotional pay, next increment on 01/07/2016 (after completing six months regular service)

  4. Sir/Madam
    I am working in govt of India organisation (NFC) Department of atomic energy. Comes under group B designation scientific assistant – Pathology Lab. Medical Services, Let me know the HPCA order anything from dopt.

  5. I was working as a research associate from 1998 to 2013 in NTMIS, under Aicte. Presently MHrd has absorbed me in the same post in NERIST(deemed to be university) Arunachal Pradeshon 23rd august2019. The essential qualification for tthe said post is M.Sc. Accordingly my qualification is M.Sc. I have been working in
    the same post with grade pay 4200/ . During my service life ,no acp/Macp was entitled. So I request you to upgrade the grade pay for research associate with qualification MSc.

    Thanking you
    M.J. Hazarika

  6. Sir,
    I have retired as UDC o/o PMG VIJAYAWADA, in 1992.
    My basic pay at the time of retirement was Rs.1680/- after earning 15 increments in the pay scale 1200-2040.
    The DAP.Hyderabad has fixed my revised pension from 1-1-2016 as Rs.15700/- applying concordance table 16.
    But as per the instructions issued in para-4 and para 7 of the OM dt 12-5-2017, the revision of Pension in respect of the pensoners retired after 1-1-1986 but before 1-1-2016 has to be done by fixation of their notional pay as per the 7th CPC pay matrix , approved by the government.
    As per these orders my notional pay as on 1-1-2016, as per the 7th CPC pay matrix taking into consideration the pay band and grade pay corresponding to my old pay scale and the,15 increments I have earned,, comes to Rs.38600/- and 50 percent of it i.e Rs 19300/-
    should be my revised pension from 1-1-2016.
    I have represented my grievance to the DAP. Hyderabad and the Ministry and uploaded the same in Pensoners Portal.. Every time they say that the revision done is in order.
    I shall be grateful for your valued opinion on this as to whether my contention that the revision of Pension has to be done as per the 7th CPC pay matrix but not as per concordance tables.
    Yours sincerely,
    Senior citizen (82)

  7. This week Hon’ble Madras High Court has given ruling for notional increment on 01.07 for those retiring on 30.06. I don’t know about retrospective effects. Please confirm from the relevant order.

  8. Sir,
    I am a AE eligible for NFU from 1/1/2006 with a GP of Rs5400/(PBII).Now I am promoted and posted as ADE-in the level 10.Can you explain how my pay fixation.

  9. I have rendered more than 35 years of service (35 years 3 months). I am going to retire on superannuation. In calculating gratuity what length of service will be taken into consideration – 33 years or 35 years

  10. When the orders revising the monetary ceiling of Rs 2000 will be issued in respect of FR35 pay restrictions as per 7 CPC pay structure.?. I am paid only 2000/- additionally for local officiating even after 7 CPC pay implementation.

    • When the orders revising the monetary ceiling of Rs 2000 will be issued in respect of FR35 pay restrictions as per 7 CPC pay structure.? I am working as Jr. Manager and doing the works of Dy. General Manager and as well as Addl. General Manager for the past three years and even not getting any extra benefits from my Employer. I want to know, is there any circular on this as per 7 CPC pay implementation.

  11. i,retired from rly on30-6-16.i performed 365 days of service.but no incre pument was granted to me for settlment purpose.whether is it correct or basic pay to be fixed notionally after adding an increment for settlement purpose? can anybodyguide mein this regard?

  12. Family 0laning allowance is admissableto central govt employees asper 7th cpc commision please reply at the earliest

    • Sir I would like to know about Over Time Allowance for central Govt. employees. As per the 7th cpc OTA is admissible to Operative employees. Now I want to how to work out the OTA. Whether Pay is to be as per 7th cpc or 6th cpc. Because the Pay And Account office has rejected the bill mentioning that the Pay should be as per 6th CPC only. The OTA is due for the Month of July, 2019. Please clarify and provide the order to settle the issue.


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