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No changes in the Casual Leave – 7th CPC Report

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No changes in the Casual Leave – 7th CPC Report

Casual Leave :

Purpose of Casual Leave : Casual Leave is granted to enable a government servant to attend to sudden/unforeseen needs/tasks.

Present – No of Casual Leaves

Casual Leave
Employees No of Casual Leaves per year
Central Government Employees 8 days
Industrial Workers 10 days
Defence Officers 20 days
Defence PBORs 30 days
Railways 11 to 13 days

Demand :

Demands have been made to increase the number of CL to 15 days for Industrial Workers and 12 days for other employees. CAPFs have also sought parity with defence forces in matters of Casual Leave.

7th Pay Commission Recommendations :

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Regarding the number of Casual Leave, the Commission is of the view that the present system is working well and need not be altered. As far as the case of CAPFs for parity with defence forces is concerned, the Commission notes that CAPFs are essentially civilian forces and their service conditions are different from defence forces. Hence parity in terms of number of casual leave cannot be considered. To sum up, status quo is recommended

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