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NFIR proposals for consideration and inclusion in the Union Budget 2020

NFIR proposals for consideration and inclusion in the Union Budget 2020


No. IV/Budget/ Part III

Dated: 30th Dec 2019

Shri Narendra Modiji,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
Raisina Hills, South Block,
New Delhi – 110 011

Respected Shri Modiji,

Sub: General Budget 2020 – NFIR’s proposals for consideration and inclusion in the Budget proposals to be presented before the Parliament – reg.

NFIR requests the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, to kindly consider the following proposals for inclusion in the ensuing Union Budget 2020 to be presented before the Parliament during Budget presentation in February 2020 :

1. Pension/ Earnings of Senior Citizens may be exempted from Income Tax upto Rupees 15 lakhs per annum.

2. Additional quantum of pension may be allowed to the pensioners on attainment of 70 years age instead of 80 years as at present with further increase to those who attain 80 and 85 years age.

3. Restoration of commuted value of pension be done on completion of 10 years instead of 15 years.

4. The Single Female Government Employees be granted “Old Age Parent Care Leave” on the pattern of “Child Care Leave”.

5. Female Government Employees be allowed 05 days extra Casual Leave to facilitate maintaining their health (specially those females of age 50 years and above), keeping in view the peculiar menopause stage leading to hormonal changes as has been granted to “Physically Challenged Employees”.

6. Child Care Leave for women employees be granted with full salary in the 2nd year as against 80% of salary at present.

7. Accumulation of Earned Leave (EL / LAP) by Government employees in excess of 300 days be allowed without restriction in the light of judgement delivered by the Punjab & Haryana High Court.

8. Family Planning Allowance, discontinued with effect from July I, 2017 should be restored and continued wherever already granted in terms of provisions made by the Government of India.

9. Pay re-fixation be granted to the retired Defence Forces Personnel re-employed in the Central Government Department / Organizations on the basis of last pay drawn by them at the time of retirement from Armed Forces.

10. Fixed Medical Allowance for retired Government employees be enhanced to not less than Rs. 3000 per month as against Rs.1000 p.m. at present in view of high cost of medicines and medical treatment.

11. Provision be made for construction of Shelter Homes for Pensioners at various locations in the country.

12. Reimbursement of Tuition fee and Hostel subsidy be allowed upto Post Graduation level in the case of wards of Central Government employees.

13. Reimbursement of College/ Hostel fee may also be permitted in the case of wards of retired Government employees (pensioners).

14. Provision of accommodation for Office /recreation purposes be made to various Pensioners’ Organizations in the country.

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary

Source : NFIR



  1. FMA: Fixing an arbitrary without any statutory Rule 2.5 kms from Rly medical hospital beyond which a pensioner resides is only eligible for FMA and residing within not eligible, amounts to debating right to life to choose any other medical device is Alta bores Art 21, 14 ,16 and 309(a) of the Constitution Hence This arbitrary distance of 2.5 be removed and all those pensioners who r not availing departmental medical facility be eligible for FMA aright to life in Art 21.
    I am a Rly 85 yr old pensioner and my wife 76 dependent l have not opted to Rly and residing at 1.5 kms Rly medical facility. Not eligible for:

    1) No Mediclaim Policy policy, due to age factor

    2) not with Rly hospital; and

    3)No FMA since residing within arbitrary distance 2.5 kms from Rly hospital.

    4)Denying FMA is ultra bites Art 14; 16; 21(right to life) and 309(a) without statutory Rule

    5)Had to spend by self ,fora surgery of wife and for medical treatment of self

    Request: All those who do not opt for Rly medical facility be given FMA irrespective at what distance a pensioner resides, especially super aged pensioner.
    Kindly use your good offices with Govt to sanction FMA to such pensioners also who reside within 2.5 kms.


  2. FMA The arbitrary provision of residing beyond 2.5 kms be removed for eligibility of FMA. It is only an executive fiat not under any statutory Rule as held by SC that all executives fists must be under a statutory Rule.


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