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Nationwide Bank Strike on 26th November 2020 – BEFI Strike Notice

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Circular No.77/2020

10th November 2020

To all Units, Affiliates, Office Bearers, CC & GC Members

Dear Comrade,

General Strike on 26th November 2020

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With an aim of putting resistance to the destructive approach of ruling Govt. at the centre being manifested to the country and its people at large; the toiling masses of the country are going to observe 20th nationwide General Strike, since advent of new economic policy in 1991, on 26th Nov 2020 at the call of National Platform of Central Trade Unions (CTUs) and sector wise Federations.

BEFI has rich tradition of participating in all such strike actions including other protest programme along with the working class of the country. Since April this year, starting from the lockdown period, our comrades are participating in the movements of the working class of the country to oppose the anti nation policies of the Govt.

We understand that the banking sector as a whole is subjected to unprecedented onslaughts from the Govt. as part of its plan to dismantle the public sector financial institutions of the country. We must realise that this is not ‘another strike’; we should be prepared for many more strike actions in near future to halt the desperate Govt.

Strike Notice will be served by BEFI on 11th Nov. 2020. We have decided for some preparatory programme listed below. More than 25 crore people are going to take part in the General Strike and it is our responsibility to reach all the employees, officers, customers with our following demands to make them aware of the imminent danger and involve them in the ensuing struggle. We call upon our Units and Affiliates to take necessary initiatives to observe our programme at all places along with other programme declared by the CTUs and fraternal federations.


1. 7 point demands of CTUs and sector-wise Federations adopted in National Convention on 2nd October 2020;

2. No dilution of Govt. Equity in Public Sector Banks; Recapitalise adequately;

3. Recover written off amounts and bad debts from big borrowers; Take stringent measures against willful defaulters;

4. Stop outsourcing in violation of industry level settlement; Regularise Casual Workers engaged by different banks;

5. Repeal Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act 2020; Strengthen Cooperative Banking sector;

6. Scrap NPS; Extend Defined Pension Scheme to all; Revise Pension of bank retirees in RBI pattern;

7. Increase rate of interest on bank deposits; Reduce bank charges levied on common customers.


11 Nov. 2020 : Submission of Strike Notice;

12-22 Nov. 2020 : Extensive meetings: physical/virtual/public;

17-18 Nov. 2020 : Mass postering at prominent places; (Posters with bank related demands to be printed by Units in vernacular)

23 Nov. 2020 : Rally at State capitals & District Head Quarters;

23-25 Nov. 2020 : Memorandum to all Branch heads; (Text of Memorandum will be sent later)

24 Nov. 2020 : Badge wearing; (Badges to be printed in vernacular by Units)

26 Nov. 2020 : Nationwide Bank Strike.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,
(Debasish Basu Chaudhury)
General Secretary

Source : BEFI

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