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Modification in the ‘All India Leave Travel Concession’ (AILTC) Scheme to facilitate unblocking of Privilege Pass Account in exceptional circumstances

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RBE No.74/2020


No. E(W)2020/PS5-1/3

New Delhi, dated 31.08.2020

The General Managers (P)
All Indian Railways &
Production Units.

Sub : Modification in the ‘All India Leave Travel Concession’ (AILTC) Scheme to facilitate unblocking of Privilege Pass Account in exceptional circumstances.

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Ref: Board’s letter No. E(W)2017/PS5-1/3 dated 10.09.2018.

The Scheme of AILTC, as notified vide Board’s above referred letter, does not contain any provision for unblocking/reopening of Privilege Pass Account (PPA), after issuance of Privilege Pass Surrender Certificate (PPSC)/Confirmation Note(CN). Consequent to the national lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and suspension of tourism activities, the Railway Servants who have surrendered their Privilege Passes and obtained PPSC could not avail AILTC. Requests are being received from the affected employees for cancellation of their PPSCs and to reopen their PPA.

2. In order to mitigate the difficulties being faced in this regard by the Railway Servants, it has been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority to modify the restrictive provision contained in Para 4{viii) of Board’s letter cited under reference, by substituting the same as follows:-

“4(viii) Request for cancellation of PPSC and re-opening of PPA will be entertained only in exceptional cases. In such case, the applicant will submit an application to PIA, explaining the reasons for non-availing of AILTC with supporting documents, if any. The application must accompany the original PPSC and a Certificate to the effect that “the applicant has not drawn any LTC Advance or returned the advance drawn in full in accordance with the Rules regarding grant of LTC advance and adjustment thereof, as contained in CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988” from the Section handling LTC Claims. A decision on the request will be taken on the grounds whether the circumstances stated by the applicant are beyond his/her control or otherwise and by an officer of SAG level in the Personnel Department overseeing the Pass Section as Competent Authority. If approved by the Competent Authority, the PPSC as well as CN (wherever applicable), may be treated as ‘cancelled’ and PPA unblocked/ reopened for the respective year. In such cases where both husband and wife are Railway Servants and their PIAs are different, decision taken will also be intimated to PIA who has issued “Confirmation Note” to facilitate unblocking of PPA of the spouse. Request for issue of a fresh PPSC/CN will not be entertained in the same calendar year.”

5. Zonal Railways and PUs may note the above procedure and dispose of the requests, if any, accordingly.

6. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

(V. Muralidharan)
Dy. Director Estt. (Welfare)-I
Railway Board

Signed Copy

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