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Minutes of the 46th Main Meeting of III level JCM Council of the CGDA HQrs


Subject: Minutes of the 46th Main Meeting of III level JCM Council of the CGDA HQrs. held on 11.05.2015 at 11:00 am in the Conference Hall, Office of the CGDA, Delhi Cantt.-10.


Shri Arvind Kaushal, CGDA in Chair

Official Side
Shri A.N. Das, Jt. CGDA (Admin)
Shri Sangeet, Dy. CGDA (Admin)
Shri Ambarish Barman, Sr. ACGDA (Admin)
Shri R. Renganathan, Sr. AO (Admin)
Shri Manoj Kumar, Sr. AO (Admin)
Shri S.C. Gupta, Sr. AO (Admin)
Smt. N. Rajeswari, Sr. AO (Admin)
Shri Shiv Kumar Rao, AAO (Admin)

Staff Side
Shri S.N. Safai
Shri L.C. Dangi
Shri Arup Chatterjee
Shri M. Prabhu

AIDAEA (HQ) Kolkata
Shri S. K. Deb Roy
Shri Sandeep Mukherjee
Shri K.K. Choudhary
Shri P.S. Mann

At the outset, Dy. CGDA (Admin) welcomed all the participants. Thereafter, The Chairman, in his opening remarks emphasized the need for timely conduct of the JCM meetings and highlighted that the 46th meeting has been organized after a gap of eight months. He advised to organize JCM meetings regularly in each quarter. Then he invited AIDAA (CB) Pune and AIDAEA (HQ) Kolkata for their opening remarks.

2. Shri S. N. Safai, AIDAA (CB) Pune in his opening remarks appreciated the efforts of CDA (Funds) for issuing CCO-9 well in advance. He raised the point of delay in issue of Transfer Order. Jt. CGDA (Admin) informed that this is a very valid point and all efforts are made to issue the transfer orders in time. However, certain business process re-engineering is required to streamline the entire process. Shri S. K. Deb Roy, AIDAEA (HQ) Kolkata extended the welcome to the Chairman and all officers. He requested for powerpoint presentation for further meetings.

3. Thereafter, the minutes of 45th MM held on 12.08.2014 were confirmed and action taken reports on the 45th meeting were discussed as under:

i. Issue of Brief case to Non-Gazetted staff drawing grade pay of Rs. 4600/-.

Reply: It was informed that the information was sought from the C&AG and other Accounting Department and the reply was still awaited.

Further Direction: The Chairman directed to ascertain the procedure in C&AG and Civil accounts and finalizer the issue at the earliest.

(Action: AN-XIV Section)

ii. Publication of Roster & Inclusion of information in merit list.

(Discussed and dropped)

iii. Recruitment of Canteen Employees

(Discussed and dropped)

iv. Reconstitution of IV level ROC of PCA (Fys) Kolkata.

(Discussed and dropped)

v. Reconstitution of III level JCM of CGDA HQrs.


vi. Permanent Identity Card for DAD Employees.

Reply: The matter of printing/supply of Identity Card has been taken up with Dte. Of Org(P&F), Air HQ(VB) vide this office letter dated 28/10/2014 and subsequent reminder dated 30.01.2015 and latest reminder issued on 25.03.2015. Reply in this regard is still awaited.

Further Direction: The chairman emphasized the need to have a uniform and modern Identity Card with the latest security features as available in the SLIC issued by the Chief Security Office, Ministry of Defence. He directed to resolve the issue of Identity Card at the earliest.

(Action AN-III Section)

vii. Shortage of Staff
Reply: The Chairman directed to ascertain the procedure regarding pre appointment formalities in the sister organization (i.e.) C&AG, Civil Accounts before initiating any further action. AIDAEA(HQ) Kolkata requested that Ex-Serviceman may not be insisted for fresh police verification.

(Action: AN-VIII Section)

vii. Promotion of Auditor to the grade of Sr. Auditor as per SSC merit list.

(Discussed and Dropped)

4. Agenda points discussed in 46th Main Meeting:

i. Construction of more DAD Guest Houses at popular stations e.g. Simla, Srinagar, Darjeeling, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Bangalore city etc. minimum 50% of rooms should be allotted to group B&C staff. Booking of these guest houses to be made online and payment/ cancellation should also be made online.

Reply: Dy. CGDA informed that the transit facility at Simla is already in progress and was expected to be ready by end of June 2015. The website for on line booking of accommodation for DAD Guest Houses has also been developed and ready for pilot run. The same would be launched on completion of the security audit by the agency approved by the NIC. The Chairman directed to explore the feasibility of construction of Guest House at Bengalaru also. Feasibility for holiday homes at Srinagar, Darjeeling, Mount Abu, Udaipur would also be explored.

(Action: AN-XII Section)

ii. Financial powers to PCsDA/CsDA for civil work upto 10,00,000/- (Rupees ten lakhs only) in a year for getting work done from private/MES registered contractors.

Reply: The chairman directed to take up the issue with the Ministry.

(Action: AN-XII Section)

iii. Deficient stations/DAD offices in each category – Accounts Officer’s / AAO’s / Non gazette group ‘B’ and ‘C’ staff along with information like peace/Hard/tenure station/ period of tenure, availability of DAD accommodation to be loaded on CGDA website.

Reply: The information of peace / Hard / Tenure Station is already available on CGDA’s website. Regarding availability of DAD Accommodation, the Controllers have been asked to upload the requisite information at their website.

(Action: AN-XII Section)

iv. Powers to be delegated to PCsDA/CsDA for sanction of medical claims up to Rs. 5,00,000/-

Reply: The Chairman directed to take up the matter with Ministry of Health and family welfare to enhance the powers of head of the Department of settle reimbursement claims from Rs. 2,00,000/- to 5,00,000/-.

(Action: AN-XIV Section)

v. Auditor post should be merged in Sr. Auditor post: Auditor posts were restructured in this Department from 01.04.1987 by creating two functional grades in the pay scales of Rs.1400-2600 for Sr. Auditor as 80% and Rs. 1200-2040 for Auditor as 20%. Staff side requested to merge the Auditor cadre in Sr. Auditor cadre.

Reply: The chairman advised the staff side that the issue could be taken up with the 7th CPC, as this issue is not in the purview of this Department.


vi. Re-categorization of DEO’s in Auditor grade.

After introduction of IT in Defence Accounts Department, need of centralized EDP Section become necessary and data entry work was treated as specialized work and DEOs were recruited in DAD. Now after advancement in modern information technology, these centralized EDP Centres have become outdated and are of no relevance and data entry in no way specialized job. So in coming days no specialized job of data entry as mentioned in Recruitment Rules of DEOs category will be having any relevance. As such DEO to be re-categorized in Auditor category in DAD. At present also most of the DEOs are deployed on the job of Sr. Auditor in DAD.

Reply: The chairman directed to examine the issue for re-categorization of DEOs in Auditor grade.

(Action: AN-VIII Section)

vii. Graduate MTS to be allowed to appear Departmental examination for grade of Auditor after completion of 2 years of service and they also should be allowed to appear SAS examination.

Reply: It was intimated that the action is being initiated for amendment of Recruitment Rules at par with provision in the C&AG RR for Auditor.

(Action: AN-VIII Section)

viii. Non Graduate MTS having minimum qualification of 12th standard should be allowed to Departmental clerk examination after completion of two years of service.

Reply: It was intimated that the action is being initiated for amendment of Recruitment Rules for the post of Clerk in our Department.

(Action: AN-VIII Section)

ix. Workshop on JCM: All regional training Centre should be directed to hold workshop of JCM / Association matters inviting association office bearer and administrative staff officers dealing with JCM.

Reply: The workshop on JCM is to be held on 26th May, 2015 at CGDA (HQrs.) Ulan Batar Road, Delhi Cantt.

(Action: AN-VI Section)

x. Combined Seniority list in a particular grade in respect of Group ‘C’ & ‘B’ official- publishing of.

Reply: The chairman directed to furnish the combined seniority list of Auditor by end of this month.

(Action: AN-XI Section)

5. Extra Points

i. One increment may be allowed to Auditor who have passed SAS Part-I Examination.

Reply: The chairman directed to examine the feasibility of the issue.

(Action AN-XIV Section)

ii. Employee of the Sports quota may be posted /transferred in their own state.

Reply: The chairman directed to post them in any place in their state if feasible.

(Action: AN-X Section)

iii. Pay protection may be granted of the Ex-Servicemen who are re-employed in our Department.

Reply: The chairman directed to examine the issue.

(Action AN-XIV Section)


All Members
UO No. AN/VI/17022/46th MM dated: 19.06.2015

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