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Merger of DA with Basic Pay from 01.04.2004 for Running Staff – NFIR writes to Railway Board

Merger of DA with Basic Pay from 01.04.2004 for Running Staff – NFIR writes to Railway Board

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to:
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

No. IV/ RSAC/ 2021

Dated: 30/03/2021

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Merger of Dearness Allowance with the Basic Pay w.e.f. 01/04/2004 – Computation of emoluments of Running Staff for granting retirement benefits – reg.

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Ref: (i) NFIR’s PNM item No.23/ 2017.
(ii) GM/N.Rly’s letter No.720/ EW/ Misc/ Union-items/ 2015/ E.IV/ Loose dated 16/11/2015.
(iii) Railway Board’s letter No.E (P&A) II-2014/ RS-24 dated 24/08/2016 addressed to General Manager/ P, Northern Railway.
(iv) NFIR’s letter No.IV/ RSAC/ Conf./ Pt.VII dated 05/09/2016.
(v) Railway Board’s letters No.E(P&A)II-2014/ RS-24 dated 22/07/2016, 04/10/2016 & 17/10/2016.
(vi) NFIR’s letter No.IV/ RSAC/ 2018 dated 16/08/2019.
(vii) NFIR’s letter No.IV/ RSAC/ 2020 dated 11/03/2020 & 07/05/2020 to Railway Board.
(viii) NFIR’s letter No. IV/ RSAC/ 2020 dated 13/10/2020.

Kind attention of Railway Board is invited to NFIR PNM Item No. 23/2017 and references cited above.

Despite discussions with the Official Side of the Railway Board (Pay Commission and Finance Directorates), the issue continues to remain pending even after a lapse of over three years. The Running Staff are extremely unhappy over Railway Board’s indifferent attitude in deciding this genuine issue. During a separate discussion with the CRB on 26/03/2021, NFIR representatives have also mentioned this pending subject concerning this critical safety category (Running Staff) leading to dissatisfaction among them.

NFIR, therefore, urges to arrange a separate meeting at the level of DG (HR) or Additional Member (Staff) soon for discussing the subject for finalization.

Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source : NFIR

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