MACP Scheme for Defence Personnel

MACP Scheme for Defence Personnel

Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme – MACP Scheme is to grant of three financial upgradation on completion of 10, 20 and 30 Years of continuous regular service or 10 Years in the grade.

Totally, three financial upgradation in the entire career of an employee will be counted against regular promotions availed from the grade in which employee was appointed as direct recruit.

The financial up gradation under the scheme will be admissible whenever a person has spent 10 years continuously in the same grade pay. The second up-gradation after completion of 10 years of regular service from the date โ€˜of first financial up gradation. The third up-gradations after completion of 10 years of regular service. From the date of second financial up gradation. If the first up gradation gets postponed on account of the employee not found fit or due to departmental proceedings etc, this would have consequential effect on second and third up gradation which would also get deferred accordingly

Important Orders on MACP

  • No. AN/III/1800/MACP dated 19th May 2020 : Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, PCDA Chandigarh has released the important circular on 19th May 2020 to review the position in your office/section and names of the eligible officers/staff members (AAOs, Senior Auditor, Adr, Clerk, MTS) under MACP Scheme [Read More]

Supreme Court Judgement on MACP


  1. Sir ,I Himangsu Roy have served in Indian Navy for 15 years and retired as Chief Petty Officer Am I eligible for MACP , Pl advise .

  2. I have retired from Air Force in Jun 2001 after 20 years of service. Am I eligible for this MACP ?.I am a Substantive Sgt and Worked in the same Rank for 10 years.
    I have accessed Exceptional and cleared all part of written exam of JWO and about to get promotion but promotion shifted to other trades in the neck of moment.Am I eligible for MACP

  3. Sir I joine navy in 1979 in 1996 got promoted to rank of chief petty officer without Macp (Indian Navy ) equlant
    to niqab subedar in army and Retired on 31 december 2007 almost I have served 11 years in the Same rank .
    Weather I am eligible for MACP

  4. Sir,
    I am retired from Artillery in Jun 2019 after 17 yrs and 03 days of service. Am I eligible for MACP
    ( HAV) grade

  5. Sir,
    I am retired from Artillery in Jun 2019 after 17 yrs and 03 days of service. Am I eligible for MACP
    ( HAV)

  6. DEAR sir i was retired from indian army corps of army service corps as a NK on 31/08/2011 completed 22 years 20 day am service I am eligible for ACP Havaldar or not

  7. For civilian personal working in defense research lab is having their 5year service has to qualify assessment to get the promotion. Is it mandatory for civilian MACP?

  8. Sir ,I was retired from EME after 24 year of service as HMT ( Havildar Major Technical)in June 1997.
    Can i eligible for MACP

  9. Sir,
    I was retired from Army on 31 Mar 2006 as NK (TS)/MT in Corps of ASC. In the year 2001 my promotion for Naik had been issued and at that time I was given my unwillingness to get the promotion. Now my. Colleagues have got MACP benefit whereas I didn’t get the same. For this purpose I have contacted the ASC Records South Bangalore, they replied me that you had given unwillingness for your promotion, so it s not possible for MACP in your case.
    I am requesting you sir, please is there any provision to get the MACP. Otherwise I will be lost a huge amount.

    • Sir only three financial upgradation to a person in entire service. If you are enrolled as Sepoy then you are not got it because third ACP in the case of Sepoy is Nb Sub. If you enrolled direct Havildar then you are eligible for Sub Maj ACP.

    • If you are retired after year 2008, you are eligible for MACP Hav rank from the date of retirement. If any doubt, you can contact me on mob No 8882665152.


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