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List of Games / Sports which qualify Meritorious Sports Persons for Consideration for appointment to Group C Post

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F.No. 14034/1/2013-Estt.(D)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 1st September, 2020


Subject : Inclusion of sports disciplines in the list of games for recruitment of meritorious sports persons to any post in Group ‘C’ in Ministries/Department of Government of India- regarding.

The undersigned is directed to say that consolidated instructions to provide incentives for recruitment of meritorious sportsperson were issued vide Department of Personnel & Training Office Memorandum No. 14034/l/2013-Estt.(D) dated 3.10.2013. As per the O.M., forty three (43) sports disciplines have been identified for appointment of meritorious sportsperson to Group ‘C’ posts.

2. A proposal has been received from Department of Sports for inclusion of some more disciplines in the above list of Sport disciplines for recruitment of sportsperson to any Group ‘C’ post in Ministries/Department of Government of India.

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3. It has now been decided to accept the recommendation of Department of Sports. Accordingly, the list of Sports/Games, as contained in para A IV of this Department’s O.M. No.14034/1/2013-Estt.(D) dated 3.10.2013 for the purpose of recruitment of sportsperson in Government of India is hereby revised. A revised updated list of sixty three (63) sports disciplines/games covered by the scheme is Appended.

4. All other conditions relating to eligibility, appointment, seniority etc. laid down in the O.M. dated 3.10.2013, and other related OMs, as amended from time to time, shall remain unaltered.

(Pradeep umar)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


Sr.No Sports / Games
1 Archery
2 Athletics
3 Atya- Patya
4 Badminton
5 Ball-Badminton
6 Baseball
7 BasketBall
8 Billiards & Snookers
9 Body-Building
10 Boxing
11 Bridge
12 Carrom
13 Chess
14 Cricket
IS. Cycling
16 Cycling Polo
17 Deaf Sports
18 Equestrian
19 Fencing
20 Football
21 Golf
22 Gymnastics
23 Handball
24 Hockey
25 Ice-Hockey
26 Ice-Skating
27 Ice-Skiing
28 Judo
29 Kabaddi
30 Karate
31 Kayaking & Canoeing
32 Kho – Kho
33 Kudo
34 Mallakhamb
35 Motor Sports
36 Net Ball
37 Para Sports
(for sports discipline included in para Olympics and Para Asian Games)
38 Pencak Silat
39 Polo
40 Powerlifting
41 Shooting
42 Shooting Ball
43 Roll Ball
44 Roller Skating
45 Rowing
46 Rugby
47 Sepak Takraw
48 Soft Ball
49 Soft Tennis
50 Squash
51 Swimming
52 Table Tennis
53 Taekwondo
54 Tenni-Koit
55 Tennis
56 Tenpin Bowling
57 Triathlon
58 Tug-of-war
59 Volleyball
60 Weightlifting
61 Wushu
62 Wrestling
63 Yachting


Signed Copy – Download PDF copy here

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