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Important instructions with regard to issues in Pension Module as well as DSC of ePPOs for PAOs

Important instructions with regard to issues in Pension Module as well as DSC of ePPOs for PAOs

No. I-95/4/2020-ITD-CGA(E 2554)295
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
Division (GIFMIS)

Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi
Dated: 07/08.12.2021

Subject: Important instructions with regard to issues in Pension Module as well as DSC of ePPOs for PAOs.

The undersigned is directed to refer.to the subject above and state. that all as pension processing PAOs under your control must verify all the contents of e-PPO prior to DSC. It is also intimated that no DSC will be reverted through back end operation by NIC PFMS after 30th December, 2021. It is important to mention that CR DSC reversion requires back end operations and is being exercised as. an extraordinary measure and for interim period till the functionality of return flow of CPAO to PFMS is rolled out. As of now, DSC reversion can be avoided if the ePPOs are verified prior to DSC at any level in the PAO office. The appropriate action to be taken by PAO in such cases is mentioned in Annexure-I.

2. In continuation to this office OM No. MF.CGA/ITD-IMS/Pension/Misc./2019/107-146 dated 14.01.2020 (copy enclosed) on the subject cited above, the following instructions are hereby communicated:

  • There is no provision to EDIT any data in the Pension Module except entry of PRAN Number at DH level. Every rectification is to be done at source level i.e. at Bhavishya.
  • After allotment of PPO Number, PAO must press generate e-PPO button so that ePPO is visible to all three levels i.e. DH, AAO and PAO for a verification. Images of photo and signature of pensioner and family pensioner are visible only to PAO.
  • DH, AAO and PAO must verify all the contents of e-PPO only after taking print out at PAO level before digitally signing. PAO must ensure that full e-PPO js visible i.e. with Photograph and signature of pensioner prior to DSC.
    Payment of CVP through DDO/Bank is pre-filled field prior to allotment of PPO number and as. such, there is no requirement for selection now.
  • Payment of Gratuity, CVP, Withheld Gratuity and Service Gratuity, if any, must be made on the sanctions | which have been submitted and automatically forwarded to DDO through Pension Module by PAO. However, sanctions for Gratuity, CVP, Withheld Gratuity and Service. Gratuity, if any, will not be automatically forwarded to DDO in case of Pensioners who have opted ‘to’ draw pension from Nepal: PAO users may take a print out of the same from Pension Module, ink-sign, stamp and forward the same to the DDO for preparation of bills through Sanction Module for payment.
  • There is a field available for change in the date of start of ‘Reduced Pension Date’ prior to allotment of PPO number in Pension Module at PAO Login. PAO may change ‘the start of Reduced Pension Date if superannuation pension is a case processed after date of superannuation has already passed and pensioner has opted for commutation. Further, as DSC has been reverted on the request for change in start of reduced pension date, the PAO may change the date of start of reduced pension date prior to allotment of PPO number and thereafter, generate ePPO for verification at all three levels prior to DSC again.
  • Reference is also. invited to Point number 7 of aforesaid OM wherein it was directed to “verify all the contents of ePPO after taking print at any level with manual case before digitally signing by PAO” and.as per Point number 8 of above OM, it was also desired that “If there is any problem due to technical issues, the same may be forwarded to pension helpdesk for rectification prior to DSC”. Despite these above instructions, it has been observed that PAOs are not following the same scrupulously, resulting in return of cases by CPAO to PAO for rectification of errors causing undue delay. in finalization of pension cases. Reasons for DSC reversion are also attached herewith (Annexure I) for ready reference.

5. All Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs (with independent charge), O/o Pr.PAO, AG Audit and O/o Pr.PAO, D/o Space are requested to please arrange .to circulate. above instructions/suggestions to all concerned immediately.

6 This issue with the approval of competent authority.

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(V. Muthu Kumar)


Examples of reasons for DSC reversion

SI. No Reasons Action to be taken. by PAO users

Non-verification of full details of Pensioner/ family pensioner and spouse, nominee etc. i.e. name of pensioner/ family pensioner mismatch with bank account incorrect date of birth of employee/ spouse, incorrect name of the family pensioner, incorrect date of joining in service of employee, non-availability of Nominee’s separate bank details, non-availability of vigilance clearance of employee, wrong date of retirement, Pensioner is not the primary account holder of the bank account, Incorrect bank account number, Error in uploading of the single/joint photograph and signature of the pensioner or joint photo with family or son or daughter uploaded, Due to wrong fixation of pay, Due to the wrong booking of license fee, Non-withholding of DCRG in Bhavishya portal by HOO, Pension case passed without checkin for penalty, non-availability of FMA

ePPO must be verified prior to DSC at all three levels


Non-availability of paid amount of arrears in e-PPO

Facility not available in Pension Module at present, so please process this case-manually

Non-availability of provisional pension/ family pension paid in ePPO


Non-availability of date of enhance and normal rate of family pension in e-PPO

System error, ePPO must be verified prior to DSC and any issue may be intimated to pension helpdesk for resolution
5 For correction in date of CVP and start of reduced pension in ePPO

ePPO must be verified prior to DSC and option to change the same is available prior to PPO allotment at PAO Login


Non availability of photograph and signature of pensioner in ePPO

DSC done prior to loading of photographs and signature. Please wait for uploading of photograph and signature.
7 For change in the pension case as Old Pension Scheme from NPS

Data to be verified prior to processing pension case in Pension Module


Processing of family pension case where child/children are eligible for family pension and enhanced family pension is to be granted for 10 years whereas child/children age reaches 25 years prior to completion of 10 years of enhanced family pension rates

Facility not available in Pension Module at present, so please process this case manually





Non availability of child/children of first wife and only second wife name available in family pension case in ePPO


Non-availability of co-authorization for disabled child in ePPO

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