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Increment on Promotion – DNI under Rule 10 – FINMIN

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Increment on Promotion – DNI under Rule 10 – FINMIN

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

North Block, New Delhi-110001
Dated the 29th October, 2019


Subject: Drawal of next increment under Rule 10 of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 – regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to para 8(i) of the Ministry of Home Affairs U.O. No. 300/14/Pr.A.O./Admn/MHA/23/2018-19/456 dated 29.04.2019 seeking clarifications regarding drawal of next increment, referring the instructions contained in Department of Expenditure Office Memorandum No. 4-21/2017-IC/E.IIIA dated 31.07.2018, as to whether an employee promoted or getting financial upgrdation on 01.07.2016 and granted two increments i.e. first annual increment and second promotional increment, is eligible for his next increment after completion of six months period on 01.01.2017 or after expiry of one year period on 01.07.2017.

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2.The matter has been examined in this Department. In terms of the instructions contained in this Department’s above referred O.M. dated 31.07.2018, the employees who are getting promotion/financial upgradation on 1st July and receiving the benefit of two increments i.e. the first annual increment due on 1st July and the second notional increment on account of promotion, will accrue their subsequent increment on the following 1st January, after completion of six months period.

(Ram Gopal)
Under Secretary (E.IIIA)

Rule 10 - Increment


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    • They are already getting annual increment on 1st Jan. This letter was for those who was granted dual increments on 01 jul , one on account of annual increment and second on account of financial upgradation or promotion. Some DDOs are not allowing increment to them on 01 jan. Although as per the original order employees who was granted financial upgradation between 02 jan and 01 jul will get their increment on 01 jan of next year but some DDOs misinterpreted the orders and disallowed increment on 01 Jan.

      • sir,
        My 3rd MACP due on 5th Feb 2016 and opted my MACP fixation on next increment date that is 1.7.16, as such i got my annual and notional increment on 1.7.16. i got my next increment on 01.07.2017 only. please clarify whether this order dated 29.th oct 2019 is eligible for me to get increment on 01.01.2017

  1. Sir, Department of Expenditure has not posted this letter on their website. Hence, DDO is refusing to accept it. Ministry should post such important clarifications on priority. They are neither acception it nor they are seeking clarification from M of F.


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