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Implementation of Reservation Policy of the Government of India


No.F.1-5/2006 (SCT)

5th MAR 2018

The Registrar(s)
All Central Universities
All-State Universities receiving grant-in-aid.
Deemed to be Universities receiving grant-in-aid by UGC/Government.

Inter-University Centres of UGC

Subject: Implementation of Reservation Policy of the Government of India

With reference to the above subject, I am to inform that for implementation of reservation policy of the Central Government, MHRD vide order No. 6-30/2005-U5 dated 6th December 2005 directed the UGC to ensure effective implementation of the reservation policy in the Central Universities and those of Institutions Deemed to be Universities receiving aid from the public funds except in minority institutions under Article 30(1) of the Constitution. Accordingly, UGC, vide letter No. 1-5/2006(SCT) dated 25-08-2006, circulated new Guidelines for strict implementation of Reservation Policy of the Government. This has been further reiterated by MHRD O.M.No. 12-60/2013-U1 dated 25-6-2013.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development vide its letter No. 1-7/2017-CU.V dated 06-09-2017 has directed the UGC to examine the issues mentioned in judgments (10 in number) as quoted by the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad, in its order dated 07-04-2017 and submit its recommendations to MHRD for their consideration and appropriate decision.

Accordingly, UGC had constituted a Committee and submitted its recommendations to Ministry of Human Resource Development on 07-11-2017. Thereafter, in compliance of the judgment of the Allahabad High Court as upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and in view of advice tendered by the DoPT and recommendations of the UGC, IVIHRD vide its

O.M. No.1-7/2017-CU.V dated 22-02-2018; has intimated that the department’s 0.M.No.12-60/2013- Ul dated 25.06.2013 stands amended to the extent as mentioned below in the UGC guidelines 2006, in accordance with the recommendations of the UGC, which are as under:

” (i) Clause 6(c):
In case of reservation for SC/ST, all the Universities, Deemed to be Universities, Colleges and other Grant-in-Aid Institutions and Centres shall prepare the roster system keeping the Department / Subject as a unit for all levels of teachers as applicable.

(ii) Clause 8(a)(v):
The roster, department-wise, shall be applied to the total number of posts in each of the categories [(e.g.)

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor] within the Department/Subject”. The above decision may also be circulated to its constituent and affiliated colleges for immediate follow-up action.

You are requested to prepare fresh rosters within one month of receipt of this letter under intimation to UGC.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Yours faithfully
(Dev Swarup)

Signed Copy



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