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Hourly rates of Industrial workers of Ordnance Factories based on 6th CPC Pay scale w.e.f 1-1-2006 – NCJCM

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September 26, 2019

The Additional Secretary (Pers)
Government Of India
Ministry Of Finance
Department Of Expenditure
North Block
New Delhi

Sub: Correlation of the hourly rates of Industrial workers of Ordnance Factories based on 6th CPC Pay scale w.e.f. 1-1-2006

Respected Madam,

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The above subject was discussed as Item No.8 of the Standing committee meeting of the National Council (JCM) held on 7-3-2019. The extract from the minutes of the above meeting is given below for your kind ready reference.

“The Representative of MoD, Deptt. of Defence production stated that the matter has been considered in consultation with Department of Expenditure and decision was taken to the effect that it may not be agreed”.

Staff Side raised their objection on this and stated that there was a huge delay in examining the matter based on the recommendation of 6th CPC in 2008, and hourly rates of Industrial Workers were revised in 2014 and these rates are from prospective date. But, after so many years of delay, now it is informed that the matter has not been agreed to by the Department of Expenditure. They further informed that after the implementation of 7th CPC w.e.f 1-1-2016 till date, the hourly rate of the Industrial Workers of Ordnance Factories is not yet correlated and still pending with MoD. Such delay results in huge loss to the Industrial workers.

Chairman assured that Joint Secretary (Personnel), D/o. Expenditure has agreed to re-examine this issue again.

It is regretted to inform you that even after 5 months of the meeting necessary orders has not yet been issued. It is therefore requested that necessary instructions may be given to Moo to implement the correlation of hourly rates of Industrial Workers deployed on piece work system in the Ordnance Factories in 6th CPC Pay Scale w.e.f. 1-1-2006. Action taken in this regard may please be informed to this office.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely


Source : Confederation


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