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Guidelines for timely and qualitative disposal of Pensioners Grievances

Guidelines for timely and qualitative disposal of Pensioners Grievances

No: 17/3/2021-P&PW(Coord.) E 7179
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare

8th Floor, B-Wing,
Janpath Bhawan, Janpath,
New Delhi-110001

Dated : 06.08.2021


Subject:- Guidelines for timely and qualitative disposal of Pensioners’ Grievances-reg
The undersigned is directed to say that the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) has provided a single window interface for all Central Government pensioners to register their grievances pertaining to any of the Central Government Ministry / Department / Organisation, which is thereafter forwarded online to the concerned Ministry/Department/ Organisation for redressal through the CPENGRAMS Portal.

2.In 2019, Pensioners’ grievance redressal system was expanded with the objective to provide easy access to pensioners who are living in remote areas and have no proper access to the Internet for registration of their grievances or not conversant with online technology. Accordingly, an Integrated Grievance Cell & Call Centre was inaugurated on 20th June, 2019 for pensioners enabling pensioners to register their grievance by calling on the toll free number 1800-11-1960. The Call Centre Executives register the grievance on CPENGRAMS, after taking inputs from pensioners, and thereafter it is forwarded to the concerned Ministry/ Department/Organization online for redressal. Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare also coordinates with different Ministries/Departments to resolve the grievances of the elderly pensioners and keep the pensioners informed about the progress of their grievances till disposal through this online system CPENGRAM.

3.The purpose of grievance redressal machinery is not only to allow easy access of Govt Machinery for pensioners but also disposal of the grievances expeditiously while maintaining the quality in redressal of the grievances. Keeping in view of the above objective, DoPPW has put in place a system of holding regular review meetings with Ministry/ Department/ Organization having large pendency of grievances. In order to ensure quality in disposal of Grievances, DoPPW is periodically analyzing closed Grievances and re-registering cases, wherever it is observed that Grievances were closed by the offices without taking appropriate final action. Though time and again specific guidelines/instructions have been issued to the Ministries, a need is felt to consolidate all instructions/guidelines and revise the time limit for redressal of grievances specially for the priority target groups i.e. family pensioners and super-senior pensioners in order to promote good governance and to ensure that the pensioners /family pensioners get their rightful entitlements.

All Ministries/Departments are advised to follow the guidelines given below for redressal of the Grievances –

i. In accordance with the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, every office is responsible for pension sanction, revision and payment of retirement benefits to its employees. Therefore, every grievance related to pension and other retirement benefits shall be redressed by the concerned office from where the employee retired or served before his/her death.

ii. Every grievance shall be disposed of within the ambit of extant rules. In case of a grievance falling outside the ambit of rules, a speaking order shall be issued indicating the rule position.

iii. All Ministries/Departments/Organisations shall strictly adhere to the time limit of 45 days to resolve the pensioners’ grievances. If the grievance pertains to a family pensioner/super-senior pensioner (aged 80 years and above) the dead-line to resolve the grievance shall be 30 days.

iv. Every grievance shall be closed only after its final resolution. If a grievance pertains to subordinate/attached office, the case may be forwarded by the Ministry/ Department to the concerned office but it should not be closed until final action is taken. The responsibility lies with the concerned Ministry/ Department to follow up the matter with subordinate/attached units for final resolution. Every Nodal Officer should undertake a weekly review of pending grievances in the portal.

v. The grievance shall not be closed for the want of any documents from the pensioner/family pensioner. The office may contact the concerned pensioner on the mobile number or email as available in the CPENGRAM Portal in order to ensure speedy and satisfactory disposal of grievances.

vi. Ministry/Department/Organization shall dispose of the grievances after indicating that it is ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’ or ‘Partially Accepted.’ In case grievance is disposed of in favour of pensioner, the option ‘Accepted’ shall be indicated. In other cases, a speaking order shall be passed giving reasons for rejection/partial acceptance and also uploaded in the portal.

vii. Re-registered cases should be disposed of by Appellate Authorities nominated in every Ministry/Department/Organization for the purpose.

viii. Ministries/Departments/Organisations shall identify core grievance prone areas and streamline their systems to eliminate root cause of grievances. Cases delayed beyond the dead-line should be analysed and addressed promptly.

4.All the Ministries/Departments are requested to bring the above instructions to the notice of the all concerned under their administrative control for compliance.

(Naresh Bhardwaj)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

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  1. I retired in hsg 1 cadre from postal department in the year2002
    the post carried pay scale 6500-200-10500
    I retired at the scale of 7700/after 6 years
    my grievance is that since the grade pay was raised from 4200/ to 4600 my basic pay should have been correspondingly
    fixed with the grade pay rs 4600/
    theGP for those drawing rs 4600 the basic pay have been fixed at rs 7450 to 11500/
    hence my pension should have been considered at 7450 scale plus the service I had put in i.e 6 years
    my representations have been negatived I request to reconsider my grievance which is with the increase in gp to 4600/ my pension should have been fixed on par with enhanced pay scale 7450/ my juniors get higher pension even though I had passed one third leg examination in 1981
    my pop no is postal/2015/TN/14359 O/o the general manager [PAF] TAMILNADU CIRCLE. CHENNAI.
    I am drawing pension from thyagarayanagar hpo 600017 I retired as hsg1 sub postmaster teynampet s.o in 2002

  2. If the central govt. really wants to eradicate the problems of it,s pensioners then the two legitimate benefits lying pending viz:MACP from 1.1.2006 instead of 1.19 2008 & notional increment to 30th. June retirees after earning annual increment should be extended to them, since both matters stand decided by the various courts including the Supreme Court of India.Keeping pending these benefits time & again on untenable grounds giving negative message to the pensioners & shows injudicious attitude of the govt.


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